Friday, May 11, 2012

Last minute dash!

Whew!  I just got back from the post office!  The package will definitely not get there in time for Mother's Day, but this time it was not because I didn't try!!!

I had cut off  the first 4 napkin/towels,because I was having a little trouble with the threads behind the heddles tangling and making some threads tight.  I carefully pulled those few warp threads out and untangled and re-threaded them.  Then I continued on my merry way and wove 8 more napkins by Wednesday.  As I was finishing up the last one I noticed a glaring threading error, right where I had "fixed" it!

In disgust, and after a few choice words like "Rats" and Double Rats", I cut them off and looked to see if I could needle weave a fix.  The answer was No!  I had learned on a previous project that sometimes it is just quicker to weave the stupid things again! So, that is exactly what I did!  Staying up too late for sure, and not getting anything else done either!

I normally would have washed dried and pressed these babies before I sent them, but my drier sounds like it is ready for take off, and I didn't have time to let them hang dry!

I got a new tool, and just in time, this week at the local Thrift store.  It was sitting there waiting for me to finish looking at the skirts, and come over to the gadgets already!  It is a steam press that retails for $200-$300, it was marked $80, and they were having a spring sale that knocked off another 30 percent!  I came home with her for only $57,  including the tax!  I left the skirts laying there forgotten!

The picture above is a napkin unpressed on the left and pressed on the right, I love it!  I haven't been able to get the shot of steam to work yet, but I have the manual downloaded ready to print out for troubleshooting.

I loaded the unpressed napkin out the back of the press, and as I pressed each section, I advanced that part forward.  I then laid the napkin on the bed to cool as I did the next one. In just a few minutes, I had them all pressed and ready to go.
I washed one of the first samples I had done and you can see the amount of shrinkage.  Maybe 2.5 inches lost in the length, and a lot less in the width, thanks to the end feed shuttles! I used a very simple 1/4 inch hem, I may weave a bit more next set, so that I can make a wider hem, it may look a even better.

Of course you need to see the glamour shot!  As I type this they are winging there way to sunny California, and I am turning my thoughts to the next batch of 10 that I have to have ready by Sunday!  One set of 6 will be a wedding present and a set of 4 will be for my MIL for Mothers Day.  I probably won't be washing them either!

I realize that the lighting in this photo is off, but I just had to show you my Mother hen and her adopted chicks.  They like to perch up on the ledge and rest. They are a different breeds than the Hen, and it is too cute to see them nestled under her white wings, and poking there brown heads up to see what is going on!

That is it for now, tonight I burn the midnight oil again, thankfully Dear One is out of town so he isn't losing any sleep over it!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

LOVE that steam press!!! What a find! The napkins turned out great...sorry about the threading error!

Bonnie said...

Nice looking towels/napkins. Very busy lady. Cute chicks. Where did you get them?

Roxie said...

Lucky ladies in your family! And what sweet chickens!

Roxie said...

What do you do with the napkins that are "seconds?"

Tina J said...

Roxie, The seconds stay in the family. I will fix what needs to be fixed and leave what no one else will notice, then they will be hemmed and washed and pressed. My daughter will take some and some will stay here.