Sunday, May 20, 2012

In transition and a bit upside down and backwards

My Living Room - on a normal day

Last year when I bought by Cambridge floor loom from fellow Tuesday Weaver Linda Baldwin I thought a lot about where I wanted to place the loom. My husband and daughter both suggested the basement. But the basement has few small windows, little natural light, low ceilings, and is out of flow of family life. I opted for the living room – right in the middle of the life of the house and with windows looking out into our large front yard. Unlike many families we actually use our living room – my husband reads there, my daughter studies there and I do my journaling and reflecting there. Now I weave there, too.

Proud family
This weekend my daughter graduated from High School. 

To celebrate she wanted to have a dinner party with family friends. In order to seat more than 10 people for dinner we turn the house upside down and backwards. Our living room becomes our dining room and our dining room becomes our living room. And of course the loom is in the midst of the family event. 
My living room in celebratory mode

Old family friends were fascinated. After dinner, I just had to demonstrate how to weave. While I was explaining how a loom works, how to create a twill pattern, and how a loom is warped kitchen fairies did most of the dishes (a wonderful surprise!)

On the loom is one of my daughter's graduation presents. It is a study throw. It is my first attempt at a tartan. I know most people experiment with learning to weave tartans on small scarves – me...I go for a 40 inch wide throw. I am still learning how to beat properly so that I end up with square blocks. I think about getting compulsive about it then my daughter says, “Like that really matters to me.” I have enough for two throws. Maybe I will have it more under control when I get to the second one. I asked her what she wanted me to do with the second one – thinking she might want to give it to a friend. She said that she would like to leave the second one at home so that she knows that we have it when she is away from us.

Please look at the second photo of the throw. Don't look at the lack of perfection of the weave but instead at the note on top of the cloth.

On one of my kitchen cabinets
 Our house is filled with these tiny notes. Instead of heading directly to college my daughter is taking a gap year and will be going to live in Japan for 11 months as a Rotary Exchange Ambassador. She will live with three families during her time there and will attend high school. To prepare for her adventure in Japan she is working with a tutor. Together they are working on both language and culture.

Yes my life is busy, in transition and a bit upside down and backwards. In the midst of all of that I weave.

Be well,


Tuesday Weavers said...

I know I am supposed to blog on Thursdays - but so often I get to the end of the day and think I'll check to see what someone wrote - only to see nothing because it was me who was supposed to blog. This past Thursday i was rearranging my house. So today I decided to type while I had time and inspiration.

Linda said...

I am glad to hear the dinner was a great success and congratulations to your daughter!

I am also happy to see the loom well loved and that it is right there in the middle of your family"s activity!

LA said...

How fun!!! Congrats on the graduation and the time in Japan! The blanket will be a warm reminder of all the love you wove with those threads.

Tina J said...

Big changes are happening at your house! When the dust settles, the loom will still be there to help you adjust to your new life.
I hope we get to see the second tartan, I still haven't done one!

Maggie said...

Sunday is open to whomever wants to write, and if it works better for you, you should grab it! What a good way to learn a new language!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Your loom will be there to help you adjust.