Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Day In May

YEAH, Judy!!!!
  The warp is finished, cut off....but what now?

  Carol explains how to cut the pieces apart and serge the edges so they will be ready to wash.  (We often use toilet paper between pieces as spacers.  It packs in very well and keeps the threads from acting ugly!)

  You can see Ms. Ila  in the back threading her warp.  The ladies got her all loaded on last week, so it's threading time!

  Pat took over Maggie's place on the bench of the barn loom.  They were able to work through the tangles, and we got the rest of the warp wound on the loom.  Carl got the warp tied on and started looking at fabric to use for the weft for LOTS of rugs!

  Take a look at Lanny's new warp!  Oh my!  It's a beauty!


  Shirley, our newest weaver, has completed her first row of hemstitching!!!!  Now, she gets to throw the shuttle!!!

  Andy got her warp tied on today, and worked in the TP to give her the space she needs to start weaving.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this project in motion!  More updates to follow!

  Cindy chatted with Christy while she got her newest warp set up on the Inkle loom.

Allan got a bread cloth woven today....even with all the activity going on around the studio!

Bonnie finished up the first panel on her warp.  There's still warp on the back beam....wonder what the next panel will look like????

  Just a glimpse into our day at the Center.  Several of the Tuesday Weavers will be at the Center on Thursday for a Dye Day....supplies were brought in from the Annex to get ready!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Sorry I missed today. Looks like it was a busy day!

Bonnie said...

Missed you Tina. A lot was going on. Another fun filled day at the center.