Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting To Know Us!

We welcomed another new weaver to our space today....say "hello" to Eiko.  She's not a stranger to those of us who have been at the Center for awhile....she's very talented at a lot of different things.  And, now, she's adding weaving to her resume!

Maggie was ready to start threading today....she had her notes all ready.  Now, if she can just find the right stool or chair that puts her just at the right height for threading!

After making a string heddle to correct a threading error, Ms. Ila got her warp tied on and about six inches of scarf woven before we left for the day.

Ms. Trudy got busy with her mug rug warp.

Pat finished up the place mat she was working on, and gave the bench over to Judy.  Weaving on a floor loom is so much fun!!!!

Carol stepped back to check on Judy and answer questions.
Allan and Tina were busy weaving at their looms.

Linda pulled some great colors to add stripes to the place mat warp on the Harald loom.

Carl started weaving those fabric strips that he chose last week.

Christy loaded up her Inkle loom with another book mark warp while Eiko threaded her loom.  Shirley got a lot woven on her first warp.

Bonnie went with fabric strips to weave the second panel on her warp.

Just say, YUM!!!!
Ms. Ila made us a fabulous cake!

And, while we were all on a sugar high after lunch, Ann led us in some "get to know you" activities.  With so many new weavers in our group, it can be a little crazy sometimes!

We are just a merry little band of weavers, after all!!!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

The getting to know you games were fun, weren't they. I am sure those upstairs wondered what all the laughing and applause was for!

Bonnie said...

The games were fun. What a fun day it was.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for indulging me. We will have to do it again (different questions) when we have Cindy, Andy, Roz, Jinks, Beatrice, LaDonna...who am I missing....with us.

Tina J said...

Ann, I never knew you could be so animated!