Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wool In March....and other stuff!

  I'm all packed up and ready to head back to Townsend to do Straw Weaving at the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center as part of the Fiber Arts Festival.  Carol will be joining me on the porch today!  It's always a fun time involving folks in a weaving activity.
  Here's a shot of Tina with our students from Friday.  It was so rewarding to see them gain confidence in their weaving, and share their excitement as the design began to take place on their mug rugs!  Jane and Velma got four mug rugs woven during our class time.

    From the second floor window, we could watch the border collies showing off their herding skills.  And, there was a pen of Tunisian sheep that they were using for the shearing demo.  You can see the ewe on the left has already had her spa time.  In the pen were some precious lambs, too.  (I just melt when I see lambs.)

  After our class, we went over to the Heritage Center to visit the vendors.  Of course, we stopped to visit with Carol Larsen of River's Edge Fiber Arts (found some lovely BFL superwash in a wine and navy colorway) and Peggy Whitted of Weaving Traditions.  Peggy is my idol when it comes to overshot....she does such beautiful weaving.  She had her Wolf Pup loaded to the gills with a towel warp.  L O V E L Y!!!!

  And, here's my great find for the day....kid mohair from Blue Goose Farms!!!  I wandered into one of the vendor rooms, and met Nichol....which meant that she showed me her wonderful hanks of spun kid mohair.  I've been looking for some wool to use for my mixed warp scarf, and here was the perfect weft.
  It was 80 degrees outside, and I'm excited about WOOL????
  I want to use the hand-spun corridale wool that Roxie sent me, along with the wool and mohair yarn I found at the yarn shop in Clinton.
  Yummy Wool!!!!  A fun project for a later date!

  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here's a link to a fun clip:

Enjoy your day!


Bonnie said...

Off to a good start on this rainy day. Hope there will be lots of people there.

Tina J said...

I hope the weather cooperates! Have fun!

Sharon said...

I was just reading about mixed warps today - still haven't tried that, but you make it look awfully tempting.

Theresa said...

That is some fun mohair. It will look stunning mixed in with your other wools. I have the most fun with mixed warp weaving. It may be a bear doing the warp and getting it on, but usually the plain weave allows you to just watch the texture unfold so to speak.
Looks like a wonderful fiber festival.