Friday, March 23, 2012

Not exactly what I planned!

I set off early Tuesday morning to help take care of a couple of grandaughters while their sister/brother was coming into the world.  I no sooner got to Knoxville, when I received the news that Silas was born!  The whole birth had happened while the girls were asleep!   So already, things were not going as planned!

I kept going, stopping to fill up the car every three hours and walking around, eating as needed, stretching so that I didn't get too stiff.  You know the drill.   It is a long trip after all, 14 hrs of driving time and then some rest time to add to it!

We got iphones this last week so I was able to check and make sure where I was on the trip at each stop.  I was even able to pull off and make sure I hadn't missed the I-12 bypass around New Orleans.  It was awesome!  I was in comunication with family at each stop, letting them know where I was and that I was feeling fine.

I ran into some rain about 30 minutes away from my Son's house, when it became a little too heavy, I pulled off the interstate and let everyone know that I had done so and that I was fine, just waiting for the rain to pass a little.  When it did, I got back on the road, 20 minutes to go.

After about 10 minutes of driving, I was hit by...... not fatigue, not another vehicle, but the stomach bug that has hit the Knoxville area.  It hit me so hard it literally knocked me out, driving down the interstate at 65mph!  I felt it coming on, and all I can remember saying is, "Help me Jesus!"  When I came to, I was on the side of the road, snugged up to the concrete barriers, the car was running and my foot was on the brake.  I kept wondering why those people were looking at me, and why was the car parked there?  10 minutes from my Son's house!

I was very nauseated, though I did not get sick in the car.  The troopers were there very quickly it seemed, and as I was talking to them my Son called, I handed the phone to the trooper, because I was too shaky to talk.  My Son was soon there, and oversaw the towing of my car, and then he met me at the ER, where they checked me out.  Everything checked out normal!  I was released and we were home about 5 hrs after I had planned to be there!

During the night I finally did get sick, I even passed out another time, confirming what I had thought all along, the stomach virus!  I had come to help and here I was needing them to help me!  I stayed in my room til the next afternoon, when I finally felt like myself.  I don't handle their food, but I can do the dishes, lots of soap and water, and a dishwasher!  So far nobody here is sick, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Now, for what you are really wanting to see!

 Here is the coolest cradle!
And it's even cooler contents!

 Some family shots, I like all the yawns below!
Everyone is doing very well, eating well, sleeping ok, or as you would expect anyway.  The older sisters are tickled pink with their brother "Siwas".

My Son and I went to pick up the car yesterday.  He showed me where the car had been that night.  It was on a bridge over a waterway!  I drove it home, it drives wonderfully, I can't wait to get the police report to see what happened.  All I know is that an 18 wheeler was involved, cause he came back to check on me.  We can't quite get a picture of how I came thru without a scratch!  I think I was picked up by the hands of God, and put in the safest place available!

We are all very aware that this could have been much worse, and we are thankful.

Until next time, Happy breathing, Tina (Mimi)


LA said...

What a precious baby boy!!! And, I'm so glad "Mimi" is doing so well, too!!! He can tell this story about the day he was born!

Theresa said...

OMG, boy that's a whole lot stuff packed into a very short time, babies, ER's, car wrecks and passing out. SO glad everyone is fine. The babe is adorable and that cradle looks wonderful.

Roxie said...

Oh bless your dear heart! And please let your doctor know about the passing out. That needs to go into your records. What an adventure you had!

Bonnie said...

What a day. Not exactly as you had planned. What a cute babie. Glad you are ok and is well.

Sharon said...

I call that a grace from God - your safety and those around you and that fantastic beautiful baby. Phew!

Maggie said...

Welcome, Silas! What your Grandma went through just to see you! Whew!