Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Sisters

  Stay with me...I promise this will make sense!

Today is my big sister's birthday....I won't say which one. 

I talk to her several times a week...sometimes about important things, but most of the time we talk about just about everything. 

I called her just to talk about Tina's "adventure" and the new grandbaby.  I HAD to talk to someone about that!!!!

Yesterday we had a great conversation about weaving....she doesn't weave!  (We both crochet, though.)

I was thinking about her last Saturday as we did Straw Weaving at Townsend. 

  Just as it started to pour rain, a Dad with his SIX kids came riding up on their bikes to the Heritage Center.  The four oldest had their own bikes, and Dad had a little cart hooked up to his bike for the two youngest.  I got them settled in the rocking chairs, and they started weaving like crazy.  (I think Dad was relieved!!!)  The big sister caught on very quickly, and starting helping her sister...she's the one on the left.  I thought about my big sister, and how she had always done that, too.  Later on she came back by and showed me how much she had got woven.  I had her pick out some more colors to take with her to finish up at home....she was grinning from ear to ear!  As they got ready to leave, she helped her Dad get the two little ones settled in their cart and checked on the others as they put on their helmets to leave.  Just like my sister:  Safety First!

  She called me once last week to tell me about a yarn shop she found in Huntsville....dangerous!!!!  She knows we have a fiber addiction.

  A friend asked her about my tote bags....I wove one up for her last year after she saw my sister's bag.  My sister told her about the whole process....from planning, winding the warp, dressing the loom and prepping the rags.  All of this from someone who doesn't weave. 
  She also told her how I like to take leftover yarn and make scarves.  Of course that means that no two are alike since I'm just using up what I have collected.
  I'm thinking that my sister needs to sit down and throw the shuttle the next time she comes to town.  I'll have to pull some of her colors from my collection and get a warp ready for her.
  She can weave her own birthday present....don't you think that's a great idea????
Happy Birthday, Joyce!!!!  Have a great day!!!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday, J!!!!! Yes, that is a great idea. She just might find out she loves to weave!

Roxie said...

What a splendid birthday present - and oh, what a splendid sister. I envy you. I had brothers. I can spit , and saddle a horse, and bait my own fish-hooks, but I don't know how to go shopping with the girls.

Tina J said...

Happy birthday J, you are my favorite Kitchen Wench!

Bonnie said...

I hope that your sister had a great birthday. I think she should learn to weave. She would be a natural.

Theresa said...

A very Happy Birthday to you J! Yes, learning to weave sounds like a perfect b-day gift.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, Joyce! I love having a sister, too, but she only knits in secret.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a loser! My sister features me and my birthday on her blog and I don't read it until just now, Monday night. (I got off the phone with LA about 30 minutes ago and then read this. She must be "bust'n" at the seams to talk about this post, but she doesn't want to spoil the surprise.)It's now 11:30 p.m in Ktown and she's probably asleep, so I'm not going to wake her up - like I did last week.

I'm so lucky to have such a special sister and a whole bunch of "weaving" friends! Thanks to all of you who took time to wish me Happy Birthday. Your wishes for me came true!

I had a wonder birthday weekend! I had dinner from PF Changs with the family Saturday night. I suggested we order take out and eat at the house where we could sit and talk as long as we wanted to. Then my granddaughter came home with me to spend the night. We were up early Sunday morning to drive to Nashville for the Broadway performance of "Mary Poppins" which was incredible! The tickets were a gift and were 4th row in the tier, 3 seats off center of the stage, and the two seats in front of us were empty - we could see everything. After the play, we went to dinner and then drove back to HSV in time for my granddaughter to take a shower and go to bed.

I'm pretty sure I will one day "throw a shuttle," and I'm equally as positive that I don't have the patience to do the preliminary work required. I love to crochet, so I guess I'll always be a "hooker."

Love to all!!!