Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back To The Business At Hand

  Sometimes this happens....we come in on Tuesday morning and there is a donation left for us on the table.    Today there was yarn and sample pieces of knitted patterns and a few cones of thread.
  Thank you!!!
  The yarn will get used for our straw weaving demos and the cones were added to some of the weavers' stashes.  Some of the yarn was donated to the Kid's Camp stash.  They'll use it this summer!

Bonnie finished her towel warp after I left last week, and she got them all finished!  Aren't they wonderful!!!!

  Today her loom got cleaned from top to bottom, and the area around the loom got vacuumed all nice and tidy.  That loom looks brand new!

  Bonnie will be working on a commission piece next.

Meanwhile, Andy is still working on her threading with her warp.  I did overhear her saying that this is what happens when you're listening to all the conversations going on while you're winding your warp!!!!

Problem Solving at its best!!!!

  Just jack that baby up and get busy!!!!! 

  Way to go, Cindy!

Those rugs are looking good!

Carl and Ann just keep on working away!

  Jane is already working on her next warp....and it sure is easier when someone is handy to help wind on that warp!!!

  Yes....Bonnie got a picture of me with my ear buds in.....determined to weave off the warp on Pat's loom.
  And, I DID IT!!!!!  The runners and place mats  were cut off this afternoon.  Next week we can clean up the loom, and get ready to send it home to Pat's house.  Then Spring cleaning can begin in earnest as we get ready to bring back the big loom.

  Somehow, Jinx did not get in a picture today...I just didn't take enough pictures, I guess.  I'll do better next week!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Yeah! You finished it. I hope to be there next week if I don't have jury duty. You were a busy lady today.

Maggie said...

Those towels are beautiful, Bonnie!

Sharon said...

I finally stopped wearing earbuds when I weave. Ultimately I forget and hum along and then Ian thinks something's wrong with me and comes up to see if I'm okay. I'm sure no one can hear you if you hum amidst all those looms.