Friday, March 16, 2012

Townsend Fiber Festival, Day One!

 Lou Ann and I made our way to Townsend early this morning.  We knew that we had 3 students for the morning class, and we were excited to see how our very first weaving class would be recieved.  For the first class, "Amish Inspired Mug Rugs" Lou Ann was the main teacher and I was the helper.  ( If we had had any students for the afternoon Inkle loom class, I would be the main teacher and Lou Ann would have been my helper.)

We started out talking about the 3 different looms that we had brought for the class.  There were 2 Wolf Pups, 1 with 4 treadles and 1 with 6 treadles.   There was also a 4 harness table loom.  Lou Ann had thought long and hard about how to give the students a well rounded weaving experience.

 She had threaded each of the looms with a black warp in the M & W pattern, and assigned each loom with a different treadling pattern.   The students learned the parts of the loom and some treadling basics.  They then chose a color to work with and loaded the shuttles and settled in to weave.

As you can see, they really did a wonderful job on these Mug Rugs!  Velma's very first Mug rug is the red on on the right, and Jane's first Mug rug is the teal one on the left.  (Velmas friend Carol couldn't make it after all!)  Both of the students were able to weave on each of the 3 looms, getting a taste for the 3 different patterns.  They were able to finish 4 Mug Rugs each in the 3 hour class.   That was our target number!

We were delighted with the class, and we think they were too.  We thought of several things we might have done differently of course, but really it was a positive experience for us.  We are looking forward to teaching again next year.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any afternoon students, so we had to go to the vendors area, and be very tempted by all the beautiful rovings, and yarn that were there to see and feel.  There were all kinds of wool,   and various fibers like alpaca, angora, bamboo and silk, just to name a few.  I ended up buying some weaving yarn, and even though I loved all the roving, I just couldn't justify that kind of purchase!

That is it for today,  I am sure Lou Ann will be posting about the festival tomorrow, she and Carol will be up there tomorrow doing the straw weaving demonstrations.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

It was a great day!!! Our students seemed to enjoy weaving on the looms, which is what we really wanted to see! You should have posted your sheep pictures....those lambs were precious!

Bonnie said...

Glad you had fun.

Roxie said...

Bravo! Good class and great success for the novice weavers. Well done.