Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Ahead

Ah yes....another one of my weaknesses!
Spring plants!
  These are some strawberry plants that called to me yesterday.....the guy at the checkout reminded me not to put them outside just yet.  So, they spent the night in the back of the car with the afternoon sun warming up the car before it got dark.

  But, I have a plan!

I have had these pots forever
  Lots of different plants have grown inside these pots through the years.  But, I decided that this year I would try strawberries (since they are strawberry pots!)
  The trick will be to protect them on the few remaining freezing nights ahead.  If I get time today, I'll empty them and rinse them out to get ready for the new plants.  The little plants can wait in the garage for a few more days.

Meanwhile, the forsythia has begun blooming.  How many times have I seen this bloom covered with snow????  It always reminds me that Spring is truly just around the corner!

  I managed to do two more dye baths this week for loopers.  The pink and green loopers are now bagged and ready to be woven into a rug.  It will be awhile until I can clean some more loopers to dye.

  I had a message that two more students have been added to my class next week!  Uh-oh!  I guess I'd better get that other loom dressed and ready for the class.  That will be my project this weekend....putting the finishing touches on my handout and getting the looms ready.
  So, let's Spring Ahead with our clocks tonight, and all of those lovely Spring projects that are waiting to be started.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Now you have me thinking about strawberries! I am glad we will have more students for the class, as yet I don't have any for the Inkle class.

Bonnie said...

"They" say it is still a bit to early to plant things outside. There is still a chance of having a big frost.

Linda said...

I wish the time wouldn't change! I need all the sleep I can get. My road trip starts tomorrow!

The loopers turned out well!

Theresa said...

Oh gosh, spring plants are mine too, but honestly, it just turns into a deer buffet in about a month or so. Love the dyed loopers. How fun!. As to springing ahead, god I hate doing it. Just when it was looking like it might be getting light out when I go to feed,
they make me change the dang clock ahead.

Sharon said...

I cannot imagine a place where it would simply be that easy to take a weaving class - just sign up. My only weaving class was last October and I'm still trying to squeeze out the last drops from it. Your lucky lucky students!