Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fiber-free Wednesday

 But it's not as though I'm happy about it!  I've been postponing the work outside long enough, and it was such a beautiful day--still is!--that I couldn't put it off any longer.
  First order of business was to mow.  But, oh no!  Someone left the oil cap off the lawn mower!  It's been sitting outside all winter in all kinds of weather, with no oil cap, which means it's full of unpleasant things that don't belong in an oil tank.  Now, I don't check the oil, so I know I didn't leave it off, but I do know a certain airplane mechanic who mowed last summer when she visited.  And honestly, that's probably the last time that mower was started.  I hate that stupid mower!  It takes longer to start it than it does to mow the whole lawn!
  So I broke down and bought a new one, very similar to the one I bought four years ago when I bought the house.  It was promptly stolen, the thieves cutting  through the bicycle lock I had it locked to the garage with.  In response, I bought the cheapest one I could find, and I got what I paid for.
  But now?  Oh, now we have the 22" self-propelled, guaranteed-to-start-on-the second-pull, red beauty shown here.  After I post, I'm going down to the bike shop to get a new Kryptonite lock and bolting that baby to the fence!
  After mowing, I painted over the graffiti on my garage from New Year's Eve.  Yes, that was a while ago, but it's been too cold and rainy on my days off to get to it.  Now, it's done, and I'm not super happy about the way it looks, but it's better than the graffiti.

The next door neighbors are having their sewer pipe replaced today, and the plumbers put all the dirt on my side of the yard.  They promise to seed it with grass in two days, but for now, it's ugly.
  Now, I'm on my way to get the lock and to go to the pub next to the lock house.  I need a big fat beer!
I hope you get to weave, and if so, Happy Weaving!--Maggie


Bonnie said...

Nice mower. Garage looks fine. Sure hope that the plumbers clean up the dirt mess.

LA said...

As much as we want to, we can't play with fiber ALL the time. I like your new mower!

Tina J said...

Good for you Maggie! It was too beautiful today to be indoors the whole time. Your mower looks like ours, Dear one really likes ours.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Sounds like the large brew was well deserved!!!!