Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whole Lot of Weaving Goin' On!!!

Busy, busy, busy!!!
  I did NOT say, "Now everyone look busy!"  I just got the camera out and took the picture!  Judy, Cindy, Christy, Ms. Ila and Beatrice were all involved with what they were doing and didn't even know I had snapped the picture until it was over!  If you look carefully, you'll see LaDonna behind the triangle loom working on another shawl.

  Then, a swing to the right, and I got this shot!
Linda, Ann, Carl and Andy were hard at work at their looms.  Ann loaded up some additional shuttles, and she's determined to weave off that rug warp on her loom SOON!!!!

  Judy walked back to see how Bonnie's towels are going.  You can't see it here, but there's not a lot of warp left on that loom!

  Maggie is dreaming of Lee's Surrender as soon as we do the BIG loom swap, and Tina ended up re-threading the loom that Allan is weaving on.  Sometimes you just have to go back to Block 1 and fix things.  I wonder how many people reminded Tina of the threads hanging off the back of the loom today????

Welcome to our newest weaver, Roz!  Carol got her started winding her warp today.....LOVE her color choices!

  Now we can see what Lanny is weaving next!  He was busy winding a new scarf warp today.  They are going to be beautiful!

  We got the chance to say hello to an old friend today!  Ms. Bonnie came by at lunch time to see everyone.  We're glad she's doing so well!

Now....let's play a game.  Can you tell what's wrong with this picture????
You're right!  It's not coming over the front beam!!!!  Ah well, we all have made some boo-boos along the way!  This is an easy fix!!!!

Another Tuesday.....lots of weaving.....lots of laughter!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

What wonderful pictures of friends chatting and weaving. A beautiful day inside and out.

Theresa said...

I can only imagine the whooshing and thumping of all those looms happily weaving away. Do you guys have a radio in there???
I really really do wish I lived closer when I see all that wonderful fibery fun going on.

Maggie said...

Ha! Theresa thinks we need a RADIO??? Obviously, she can't hear the cacophony of conversations going on at ALL times! It was especially noisy this Tuesday, and there isn't a photo of our dear Tuesday blogger with her ipod on all day! Nor of how much she accomplished!

Linda said...

Sometimes I wonder what people upstairs think when they hear all the chatter and laughter going on downstairs! We are such a happy group!

Sharon said...

I was thinking the same things as Theresa. I love to hear my loom so I don't know if all those looms would be noisy or wonderful.