Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time to Throw in the Towel, er, Rug

Once upon a time, I had a Navajo style loom made, and in the apartment where I lived, there was plenty of room for it.  I think that's true because I had no other looms!  I made one weaving on it, a sampler type rug, and really enjoyed working on it.  But the late Wally, Leo's brother, found that it made an excellent scratching post and ruined the edges of it.
  That's the one and only warp I've had on that lovely loom, but in the past four years, it has been moved from one end of the house to the other, put together each time, in hopes that I'll warp it again and weave something stunning.  I haven't.  Today, I threw in the towel, gave up the ghost and called it quits.  I disassembled the loom and, because I couldn't get it down into the basement--too big, even unassembled--I put it in the front loominaria, behind Nancy.
A hallway full of books
   Why, you may ask?  Because, as many of you know, my mother is getting ready to move, and she wanted to give me a bookcase that I bought for her when she lived with me.  I've decided to turn the back bedroom back into a library, so the loom had to go.  Right now, all my bookcases are in the hallway, and they're fine there; it's a nice big hallway, but I miss the way they smell in a room.  I miss being able to run my fingers over their spines and choose one for my nightly reading.  And one more is too much for the hallway.
Weftie surveys the mess
  The loom's gone, and now I'm going to pack up the sewing, too, though I'm less certain where it'll go.  I only sew every once in a while, and the table for the machine takes up way too much room in this small house!  Where am I going to put all that fabric?  I've already pared it down to the essential fabric, and still have seven tubs!  Three of them are quilt fabric and quilt tops, and I haven't quilted since I found the addictive drug called weaving, but I can't get rid of the last little bits.  I've decided to put the table, folded up, behind the bookcases, to be pulled out when the sewing bug bites.  I can deal with the chaos of clothes making once in a while, as long as I can pack it up again later.  I'm hoping to have this mess cleaned up before my next days off, so I can join my buddies at Tuesday Weaving next week.  Until then, happy weaving!


LA said...

Fiber.....stash.....fiber's all part of the addiction. So much to little time!

Bonnie said...

Move it here, put it there. Rearrange. Always fun.

Tina J said...

That room should be called the chameleon, it has been so many rooms in the last couple of years!

Theresa said...

Oh don't I know the cleaning and moving part of crafts so well! Why not sell the big loom, splurge if the bug hits again on a smaller one?
Have fun with the reorganization and the library set up!

Maggie said...

Indeed! Many reincarnations!

Sharon said...

I read a very similar post at a friend of Theresa's and fellow fabric addict. She wasn't purging a loom, just cleaning out her fabric stash and bemoaning the lack of weaving. Must be the moon?? I had to laugh~