Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just A Slice, Please!


  As I was looking through today's batch of photos, I realized that I had gotten "slices" of activity at the Center.  It was a symphony of activity....everyone playing their part....just doing what needed to be done.

  Pat sewed her piece of fabric into a tube in preparation for cutting the strips for a place mat warp.
  Ann got back to work on her rug warp....

....and Carl was hard at work at his loom.

  Take a close look at Carl's latest rug!

  Pat got right to work cutting her strips....Ms. Ila kept the tube moving so that Pat got ONE long strip for her weft.
  Linda and I just wove away on our warps.

  Lanny made me wait for it, but he finally got that warp cut off his loom.  There were two scarves  on his loom, which made a grand total of six scarves from this warp.  Wonder what he'll tackle next????

Jinx is sleying her loom, and was ready to weave soon after.  Carol and Cindy worked on the plan for her next project, and Christy was working on her Inkle loom.

  Andy is threading her loom (front to back) while Bonnie is starting a new towel.

  This just goes to show that a sleying error can happen to anyone!!!!!  Tina found the error quickly, and got it fixed.  That warp is ready to go!

  A big THANK YOU to Jinx for the homemade cookies!!!!  There were only a few left at the end of the day.

And, it's time to reorder carpet warp.  By the time we add our individual orders to the list, it was a big order to place!

Just a little look into the hive of activity at the Center today.

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Looms were humming and chatter was everywhere. It was a productive and busy day.

Tina J said...

It felt good to be at the looms again after all our work days!

Maggie said...

Darn! Can't believe I missed cookies! And poor B looks so lonely back there in the corner.

Anonymous said...

Another rug done on my loom - I cut the last ones off at the end of October - too much life and work going on. Glad to be productive again.

And speaking of slice....thanks Jinx for the best "slice and bake cookies" ever. Lemon and thick cut oatmeal - YUM!