Tuesday, January 10, 2012

weaving & painting.....painting & weaving....and all that jazz!

.....and a BIG win for the Crimson Tide!
  Can you tell who was a very happy camper today???

  (They weren't playing the Big Orange, so it's OK to cheer!!!!)


  Welcome to the Tuesday Weavers, Judy!!!  Even with all the hub-bub going on today, she got her warp wound and on the loom. 

And, welcome back, Pat!!!!!  We missed you! 

  Pat found some quiet time to thread her loom for the Guild workshop.

And, through it all, Ms. Ila is getting those mug rugs woven off the warp she put on for Foothills.

  Pretty Maids All In A Row!

  Maggie, Bonnie and Andy kept the production going on the back row.


And, now to the Annex!
  Supplies were moved out....walls were primed......

.....window facings were cut and nailed.....and the floor got a coat of porch paint.

......and on it goes!!!!  What a whirlwind day!
  The weather held for us to get the painting finished and inside it was always sunny and bright!  Gotta love it!!!

All of that busy in one place!

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Wow,what a productive day! We are going to have to change our name from The Tuesday Weavers to The Tuesday Weavers, Painters and Builders!

Bonnie said...

A big thank you to the ladies that did the painting. I got a lot done. Found another threading error and fixed it and will be ready to weave next week. A fun day.

Tina J said...

Allan said he will get one wall of shelving up this week! That means that next week we clean out all the weaving stash from the old building, and move it to the new side. We will have to clear up the ceiling that fell during construction, so bring masks and gloves this time!

Theresa said...

Wow, when you guys get busy, you get busy, that's for certain. Looks great, all of it and congrats on welcoming in a new weaver!

Roxie said...

Oh your annex is just too cool for school! What hard-working weavers you all are! I am ashamed of my lazy self.