Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What A Day!!!!!

  One of the challenges about doing the blog on Tuesdays is that I find it rather difficult to convey the unique joy of being with this group of people.    We are a very diverse group, yet we all LOVE to weave, which binds us together as a group.  And, while we are here, there are so many things going on ALL at the same time!!!!  (I had 27 pictures from today!!!)  So here is my attempt to show you as much as I can about today's gathering.

A big TW welcome to Jinx.  She is a long time friend of Pat and Carl; and she finally decided to start weaving, too.

  And, of course, it would not be a first project without the first tangle.  But, lots of folks jumped in to help out.  That's just the way we roll!!!!
(Thank you Christy, Cindy and Lanny!)

  Tina and I wound on a 60 yard warp for Ellen's Place Mats.  Since this is a pattern that is often woven at the Center, we are having a special hang tag done for the mats for this warp to celebrate her contribution to the Weaving Department.

  I cranked while Tina watched for errand threads that like to jump the bar.  (Sneaky little things!!!)

  You can see Bonnie back on her loom....just weaving away.

And, here's Tina cutting off the last bout for that warp.  She was already threading the loom when I left for the day.

 Maggie and Linda took some time to catch up on all the news.    We had a big discussion today about the "sock looms."  This will be an on going topic!

Lanny's warp is over the back beam, and we all thought he would get to cut it off today.....but that didn't happen after all.  (He was busy  helping to untangle Jinx's threads!)

  On the other hand, Ms. Ila did cut off her warp of mug rugs!!!!  Grand total:  39

  Maggie put Ms. Joyce to work cutting the white fabric she's using into the right size for her place mats.

  Ms. Andy got all the math done for her shawls, and started winding the warp.  I'm looking forward to seeing this project step by step!

  Before we sat down for lunch, we took time to make a new group picture.  We're missing a few of our regulars, but it is so hard to get everyone here on the same day (and to get them to sit down long enough to take their picture!!!!)  But, it was time to put the Christmas picture away!

  By the way, I know that Ann is celebrating having her daughter home again!!!!  We'll all catch up next week.
  In the meantime:
Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

There were a lot of us today, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love the new photo - sorry I missed it but meeting Kate's plane did trump weaving today. There are 18 weavers in the photo - I can only imagine the energy level in the room.

See you all next week.

Bonnie said...

Great time and good picture.

Linda said...

It was a fun day, wasn't it. Our numbers just keep growing and growing!

It sure feels good to be weaving again! Yay, new knees!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a unique joy weaving with the TW family - a joy I dearly miss! But thanks to this great blog, I can catch up on all the beautiful projects. You all are getting in to serious production mode with those long warps. Love the new group photo! ~Marta in SF