Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Weekend

 Do you have friends and family who have trouble understanding your love of fiber?  You know, those folks who love to get things from you made by your hands, but can't be dragged into a yarn or fabric store if their lives depended on it?
  My sister is one of those people, so after spending most of Monday afternoon at the outlet malls in Pigeon Forge, Mom and I asked for a detour to The Spinnery in Gatlinburg.

  What a beautiful store!  We're not the first Tuesday Weavers to shop there; the owner--whose name I neglected to ask--remembers Ila and LaDonna coming in many times, and there are probably more of you who have visited.
  We caught her trying to close up after she did her taxes, but we tried to make it worth her while.  It's a lovely store, full of luscious, colorful yarn, roving, tools and accessories.  There's something for everyone in pursuit of yarn, from spinners to knitters to weavers and crocheters.    Lots to touch, fondle and dream about.
  We lured Liz and Deedee in to pick out yarn for new hats.  Even Amelia Earhart, newest border collie family member was allowed to come inside, though until I start making collars and leashes on an inkle loom, and I will someday, she won't be getting anything but love in a store like this.
Amelia and Deedee ask permision to be inside.
   Yesterday, it was off to the dog park with Bella and Amelia.  I'm ashamed to say that I've never taken Bella to any of the dog parks in Knoxville because I was worried about her social skills, or lack thereof, but she was such a good dog!  She and Amelia played and played, met new dogs (some of them completely lacking in the social graces!) and had a lovely afternoon.  It's odd that it's been so warm most of January, but we were not among those complaining yesterday!
Bella makes a new friend
Even dogs outside the fence were interesting!

I take a breather from chasing the ball

Amelia waits in Border Collie crouch for Deedee to throw the ball while Bella watches how it's done

Weekend is over all ready, and it's back to making people happy for a living.  I thought I had an easy day today, counting inventory with Sous Chef Cassidee, but received an email from Chef Joseph late yesterday afternoon asking me to be ready with the Valentine's Day dessert for a photo shoot at 1:30 this afternoon.  All I know right now is that it's going to be chocolate and in the shape of a heart!  Must start planning!
Sweet weaving!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. I have got to get to the Spinnery but it looks like it might be dangerous.

Hope to see photos of the heart shaped chocolate inspiration.


LA said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with for your Valentine's Day treat! I know it will be yummy! What a great day with your sister...and you took in some fiber, too!!!

Linda said...

Maggie, her name is Nancy. She is a delightful person. I usually go once a year in October. She has some wonderful things!

Bonnie said...

Glad that you had a good day with your sister and mom. Looks like a great store. I have never been there. My sister and my husband are one of those that stay as far away from a fiber store as they can.

Theresa said...

Welcome Amelia! What a pretty girl and likely very clever.
The shop looks wonderful. What a great place. Really, I could bypass outlet places all together and just be dropped off in a place like that.