Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving Day!

Today was the day - a promise to move all of the weaving materials from the old portion of the Annex at the Craft Center to the newly constructed weaving storage space that you have been hearing all about.

Today was the day but when I woke up I heard rain - not misty rain but heavy, pounding rain. I checked weather.com before getting dressed and saw that the rain was supposed to be moving through. I decided to be optimistic and put on my work clothes. It rained most of the way there - but let up just as I was getting off the interstate. Obviously others were optimistic too - so we got to work.

Tina packing up nasty insulation

Not only did we need to move our yarn, loopers, freece, rovings, fabric and loom parts - we needed to remove the wet nasty insulation, and ceiling. Yuck!

New to us weavers - Cindy and Christy - ask when do we get to weave?
Cindy vacuumed the cones and boxes as they came in. Christy moved boxes away from the door so that more could come in.

My lovely pant legs - yes they went right into the laundry
I schlepped bags, boxes and cones between the old and the new storage areas. Actually we all did part of the schlepping job - it was sloppy as you can see from my legs. But miraculously the rain stopped while we were moving things - came down hard while we had lunch - let up again and then when we were done it poured again.

All our stash in the new storage space
Now we need to get the shelving up - so that we can get things put away in an orderly fashion. then we will know what we have. Oh and we need to move back all of the materials being stored at weavers homes. I do hope the new space is big enough!

Empty wall in the new space - it won't be empty long

We saved space along one wall so that Allen can get the first set of shelves in and we can begin the organizing. One it is all up on shelves it will be much better.

Allen in the old space - after we removed all the weaving supplies
 Now the rest of the crafters can find things they haven't seen in years. It is their time to clean and organize. Allen is doing a little final ceiling repair and will re-mount that dangling light fixture. Once he gets his tools and equipment out of there we will be done on that side.

Ila works on more mug rugs

I think Trudy is supervising - she was just glad to be out of the house

Bonnie works on her new warp
Aren't these going to be beautiful
Our newest weaver (Judy) threads her heddles - I promise I will slow down and introduce myself next time
And speaking of moving.... there were some heavy negotiations going on about moving from one loom to another. Linda is going to pick up on Allen's place-mats. And Allen is going to start weaving Tina's bread cloths.

Allen is sharing some of the looms idiosyncrasies
Tina is showing Allen the pattern for the bread cloths

It was a very busy day. Lots accomplished. And I think it is time to turn in  - after I take my Aleve.

Be well,


LA said...

Way to go, Tuesday Weavers!!! I just can't believe all that stash was in our small space in the old part of the Annex!

Tina J said...

Thanks for posting Ann, I went directly to babysit, then to Knit Night. I just knew I would not have made it! Thanks also for all your fine schlepping, I can't believe we got it done!

Maggie said...

You guys are amazing! Sorry--sort of--that I missed it, but someone had to stay the night at the farm! I promise to help organize next Tuesday! I'm really most sorry that I missed Linda. Welcome back, Linda!

Theresa said...

Wow, a whole heap of work but what a fabulous storage space and how nice to have room in the main building! Many hands make light work, but it sure looks like a lot of heavy work. Nice to see all the wonderful weaving going on too!

Roxie said...

YOu guys are awesome! What hard, hard work! When this is all done,you should grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and just sit in the new space for ten minutes, appreciating it!