Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Work

I've packed away my rug weft possibilities for now. I've got to get back to my regular production. Spring is coming! Before I did that though, I got 3 more rugs done on that warp.
The fluffy fringy one was fun to weave, although slow, as all of these are to do!! I'm still not sure how much I need to make a rug so grabbed 3 bags of selvage material and divided 2 of them in half before starting to weave. I think it ended up being 63 inches long. Surely someone will like that by their bed or in front of a sofa?

 I do like the way the yarns worked out. It reminds me of a shag rug we had in our living room while I was a teenager back in Niverville. Mom would vacumn it and it would look great....until we walked on it. This one reminds me of how it looked like after  we'd walked on it but these colors are much richer than those were.
 When I got the last batch of loopers a couple of years ago, when I worked through the bags and removed all the extra strings and divided them by color, I ended up with a whole rubbermaid of yellow. So, I made 2 of these rugs, just adding a looper of another color every 30 loopers. These are cheerful!  When they were moving things to the new annex on Tuesday, some bags of loopers appeared. Since we're not really weaving with them much now, they were up for grabs. I grabbed them to help even up my color choices since I still have alot of yellow. Even after weaving 2 rugs that rubbermaid is pretty full!
 So I'm done with weaving rugs for awhile. I do have to hem them all yet, or at least a dozen of them. Maybe this afternoon....

On my Thelma loom I've had placemats for a long time. They kept calling me but Nilus won with the rugs on it.  I want to change out that sectional warp beam for a regular one so that I have 2 looms for my regular production warps, so needed to get the warp off. I'd woven 2 placemats last year. On Wednesday I decided to weave it off.
 I ended up with 14 placemats and a 36" runner at the end. By the time I was weaving these, I'd finished watching all the seasons of LOST plus the bonus sections. It's kind of sad to see an epic like that over with. I'll be washing these placemats before I cut them apart. Might wait til we get that drain field fixed...
I've begun to watch Leverage now. Season 1. It's got a real sense of humor with it. 
Also, the regular production warps will be back. I've almost finished this totally black warp on Nilus. There are only about 8 more bobbins left to weave on it. Not the most exciting warp but I sell alot of black, so black it is! These will be 2 jackets and 4 vests.
On Saturday we were supposed to have our gutters replaced. It rained. So, today they were supposed to do it. It's raining...... At least we got our roof replaced much earlier. There are still alot of blue tarps around Knoxville from the storm in April. Hopefully in the next day or two we'll have some nice days and they can replace the gutters for us.  We're still waiting for  the weather to be right for the drain field to be replaced. Got that estimate last week.....and we're ready for them to do it. We need the rain but maybe if we could have a week or two of nice sunny weather........
So I'll keep weaving. I have to plan out my warps now for spring. I will order yarns to fill in where I need them to git er done!! Black will be a dominant color. I don't like to weave or wear black but alot of people do so that's what I weave. I picked up some accent yarns at a knitting shop recently so they will be rotated in fairly quickly because just that bit of yarn can give a vest that little something that it needed.
Til next week.


LA said...

Rainy days are great weaving days! It looks like you've got plenty to keep you busy.

Roxie said...

When you weave for sales, you gotta weave what sells. But that happy yellow rug will sell in no time! Good for a kid's room, good for a kitchen or a front porch, good for a cheery bathroom. Hoorah for those loopers!

Bonnie said...

I think the yellow rug is great. Yes, great for a kids room. And then--back to production.

Tina J said...

What a great day for weaving this has been, With all the gray outside you need that bright yellow to wake you up!