Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sick Days

  I hated to have Tuesday off and miss Tuesday Weaving, but I woke up yesterday with a wicked sore throat, and I know how I hate it when people come to work sick.  "Hey, I feel like @#$%*!  I'm going to breathe on you all day and put my hands all over this food!  Ahhhhh-chooo!"  Yeah, I hate that.  So I kept my germs to myself, called off for today, too, and spent the two days being incredibly lazy and self-nurturing.
  The sore throat never really got going, probably due to the Vitamin C I take daily and all the juice I drink, and the sniffles and runny eyes tried to get a toehold but never did.  But what a lovely lounging time I had!

I confess that I have a difficult time sitting and knitting, though I love to knit.  I always feel like I'm not doing anything when I 'm knitting.  So I took advantage of this down time and worked on some mittens.  I started these mittens way back when I lived in my Maryville apartment, probably four years ago, after I made Mom a pair in the same pattern in an olive color of the same yarn, Mission Falls 1840.  I had tried to get fancy with the thumb gusset before I quit, putting a cable up the middle of it, but when I picked them up yesterday, couldn't make sense of it.  I ripped them out to the cuffs and started over.  I'm past the thumb gusset now, plain stockinette, and up to the first knuckle of my fingers.  I'd like to finish them this week to take advantage of the wicked cold weather, but it's back to work tomorrow, so we'll see!

  I also spent some time weaving on the painted warp.  I finished the pink silk and started the third scarf, using the pink silk as tabby and a lavender cotton as pattern weft.  I'm only using one strand of the cotton, because it's twice the thickness of the silk.  It's not my favorite of the three, but it's still quite nice.  It glimmers with the silk underneath the pattern, and the cotton lets the painted warp come through.  Bead selection is already swirling in my brain as I weave, and the pattern is well-memorized, meaning it's going very fast.  This is another warp I'll be sad to see go.

  Bella got a new harness, by recommendation of Tina.  Unfortunately, the cold wind makes me stay inside today, and we'll have to give it a whirl tomorrow.  I was happy to see that it came in pink!
  And I had to bake something, being away from work so long, so I made chocolate chip cookies.  The jar was full yesterday afternoon.  I think the cats are eating them.
  Stay warm, and weave something toasty!


Bonnie said...

I hope that you get to feeling better. I love that pattern that you are weaving. Mittens. How lovely they are.

LA said...

I missed you yesterday...but I'm glad your cold did not advance!!! LOVE the mittens!!!! Now, how about that coooolllll sweater?????

Theresa said...

Bella looks stunning in her new harness! Hope you are feeling better but you know, maybe a third day off to make (mittens) sure you don't relapse.