Monday, January 16, 2012

More Rugs

I did hope to have the rug warp off by today but there are still 2 rugs left to be woven on there. I cut off what I'd done yesterday and serged the edges this morning so I could take some pictures to show what I'd done this past week. I guess I wove 6 rugs. Friday I worked at the Art Market Gallery again so didn't get a chance to weave. Whether I'd have gotten the warp completely done was probably not possible. I ended up with a bit of a head cold toward the end of the week. I hate when that happens!!

So this first rug was a joy to weave. I'd cut another small piece of flannel plaid I'd gotten at Walmart and love the way it wove and the way the rug feels. I do have some balls of it left but not enough for a whole rug. I'll mix it in with some other leftover plaid down the road for a rug.

 When Linda and I were at Great Northern I spent alot of time looking at their spools of fabric. I got a nice big spool of black plus 4 of a teal combination. The ends were sealed so you couldn't see the other side of the fabric and I didn't look. I liked the soft look of it. Well, when I took the paper off to see it now, it was a nice deeper teal that this picture doesn't really do justice to. I put 3 rows of black every 5 inches across the whole rug. I guess it's about 55 inches long. That was another fun rug to weave.
 Two other rugs were woven using the leftovers of the bright stripes and also the pink and black stripes. Those stripes are all gone now!
Then I started in on the fringe bags. Boy, it takes a long time to weave these!! First of all, it's all dumped into a bag and is a real mess. Well, the strips of striped fabrics were a mess too, but this was a bit dustier! Since it comes from the floor or wherever they wove the fabric, makes sense!
Not really knowing how much a bag of the stuff would weave, I spent quite a time finding the half and cutting it in 2 pieces so half could be at one end and the other half at the other.
 Also found that not all selvages are the same. Some have a core warp that's very fine and beats in like crazy. Other ones, like the black white and red below had a nice wide core warp and wove much faster. Sad to say, I used it all up. I did have to throw some of it away because almost half of it didn't have that core warp and could not be woven easily. It wasn't worth it to try either!
 Kind of cool how it all blends together as you change the colors. This one was about 60 inches long. It'll be interesting to see how it prices when I get to that.
I need to hem these rugs plus the ones from last week. That should take about a day!
I am also prepping weft for a rug for my Mom using her old tops and skirts. I'm about half finished sewing the strips together. Should have a picture of that next week. Then my sister's old tops are next to be sewn. I cut those strips before Christmas.

Once I get the last rug or two off this warp I'm changing back to production weaving. I think after I do a couple of warps for that I'll slip in a warp for rugs. It takes time to get the weft ready for rugs and I don't want to have to wait to figure out what to weave next. If I have all my wefts ready, I can get them done quicker than if I don't, I hope!!  That next rug warp is going to be cheerful colors, too!!
We are ordering more carpet warp for the Tuesday Weavers in the next week or two so I'll pick up some more black but also may get some cheerful colors to put together for some nice rugs, maybe some more with loopers!

We dodged the bullet last week as far as snow goes. School was an hour late on Friday but that's it. We were ok and I could get off my hill. No telling when the next one will hit but for the forseeable future we're ok down here!! Saskatoon got blasted with a pile of snow over the weekend and Moose Jaw got a bit as well. But, we're ok down south here! ha!!
Until next week, stay warm and keep on weaving!!


Two Guys and a Loom said...

Those first two rugs are just gorgeous, regardless of the actual color. I love the stripes!!!!

Roxie said...

Those rugs are SOgood-looking! You just rock!

Bonnie said...

Love those rugs. They look fun.

Theresa said...

Wonderful rugs, love them all but I think those fringe rugs are the best! Perfect bedside rugs.