Friday, January 20, 2012

Making it up as I go!

Wednesday, I cut the Hollywood Place-mats and Runners off of my little Leclerc, Alice.  I thought it might be time to tackle some of those 100 yd 12/3 white cotton warps that I got in the great haul we posted about last spring.  I must have six or seven of them, and they are wound with 7 strands at once and there are 28 bouts, so that makes 196 ends.  If I do 14 epi, (which I think would be logical)  that would be 14 inches across.  Remember, I did not wind these warps or plan what to do with them!
 Since they are so incredible long, I thought that it would be a good idea to wind these babies on the back beam first and then thread them through the heddles. ( I usually do it the other way!)
I started doing the math as I was looking at these 2 warps, and I saw right away that the only raddle  I have is 20 inches, which would be 8 inches short of the 28 inches I was planning on. Also, I remembered that this little loom has a max weaving width of 27inches!  I also remembered that on Tuesday Carol mentioned something about using an epi of 12, which would give me an even wider width! (Just did the math, 16.3 inches, per warp!)
So, I think I am going to have to re-tie the cross on one of these warps, and put it away,  space the remaining warp ends at 12 epi, and start winding on. I wonder how long this is going to take to wind on? 
 I am planning on threading for Waffle Weave towels first, and when I get good and tired of that, I saw some really cool towels over on "Hey Dawn- whats happening at the Studio" Blog, that I thought I might try.  They are made with a white warp and colored weft.  I have some navy and some tan in a weight that will be compatible with the 12/3.   100 yds  is a lot to work with, I know that I will be switching and doing something else with it after that,  I might even be ready to try some Huck lace by then. 

Who knows how many things this warp will end up being when it is all said and done!  If  I get good and tired of it and I still have some left, I will  have no problem with  re-tying  the cross and putting it back in its tub and doing something else for awhile. The only thing is I have at least 6 more of them! Oh My!

Until next time, Happy Winding and Weaving, Tina 


LA said...

I'm thinking that you'll be winding on that warp for awhile! BTW, I have a 36 inch raddle if you need to borrow it.

Maggie said...

I just wound on a 288 end/30 epi/4 yd. warp. You make me feel like a lightweight! I hope the thread is good and strong. I know YOU are!