Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Slow Start

  I'm moving a wee bit slow this morning....I must have used some muscles yesterday that had NOT been used in a while!  I don't even remember the drive home least I did remember to fill up the car before the prices go up again.
  After a soak in the whirlpool, I wove on my placemat warp until bedtime.  I want to get one set done before I start on a throw pillow for my great niece.  My sister made her a cover for the cushion in her window seat, and had this fabric left over.  I think I'll combine it with two other prints, and weave the cover for the pillow.  I'll save enough to make an envelope closure for the back.

  I tie dyed some socks and my favorite shirt that I ruined cleaning rusty heddles.  Interesting, huh?  They went in for their second wash last night right before I headed to bed.

And, in went some loopers to be dyed.  They are looking good this morning.  I'll probably rinse them this afternoon.  I can't believe how many strings are still on these babies....we worked hard that day in the garage!!!!

  These wools are calling to me....when are you going to make that poncho?????  I need to sit down with Carol and get some expert advice.  In other words....I need to finalize my plan!!!

  So, although I'm moving slow this morning, I am moving in a forward direction!  I've got some little men that haven't made it back into storage, and some odds and ends to pack away....then we'll be back to normal around here.
  Enjoy your weekend....S L O W is OK, right?
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Slow and forward is a good thing. After all that hard work you deserve a slow and easy day.

Tina J said...

Actually, I think slow was heavenly this morning! I will try to remember to bring the only wool blanket I have done, so you can see how it weaves up.