Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, BOYS!!!!

Aren't they cute???

It's our Birthday Boys!!!!

Happy Birthday, Lanny and Allan!

It was such a busy day....Cindy had news of her great loom buy!  Way to go!!!!

Beatrice is back after a bout of the flu, and ready to get back to work on her new warp.  As always, Carol is ready to give guidance and support.

Ms. Ila (almost got completely cut out of the picture) is busy with the Wolf Pup.

Allan, Ann, Lanny and Carl were all busy at their looms, too.

We had a great discussion going about the age of the barn looms.  The loom that Carl is weaving on is estimated to have been built around 1800.  And, we think the rocker loom might be even older!

Tina found her threading error, and added on a bout at the back of the loom.  Now she's ready to tie on her warp.

Bonnie and I wound on her warp, so she'll be weaving towels next week!

Andy has enough thread left on her warp to eek out a runner (maybe!)  She's going to show us her shawl technique next!


Our new rug rack arrived, and we got it set up and in place in the shop!  It looks so much nicer now....and you might even be able to find just the right rug for your space.  And, you can even see this wonderful old loom on the shop floor!!!!

****And, a reminder for all the Tuesday Weavers:  painting day is this Friday, 6 January.  Allan has worked his magic on the Annex, and it's time to paint.  So, wear your painting clothes and bring a brush or roller, and let's get this finished!!!!
  What a great way to start the New Year!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Thanks for your help. It looks wonderful in thw shop.

Maggie said...

The rug rack looks very nice! Sorry I missed all the activity, but I thought I'd be selfish with my germs. You guys look busy!

Theresa said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday to both of you!
The Tuesday Weaver's never disappoint with a myriad of great weaving stuff
and this post no different. Painting huh? Well have fun..will there be pizza and beer afterwards? :)

Tina J said...

I will be posting on Friday about our painting day, so it will be a late one.
I love the way the such a simple remedy, the rug rack, brought such order. I felt like I was able to breath looking at our new display!
Oh, and Happy Birthday boys!