Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Smorgasbord of Activity!

We love to weave!

We love to teach people to weave!!!
Even Bella is ready to weave!!!!

Meet Cindy...our newest weaver!

Carol got her started today.  We all have to start somewhere!!!!

Beatrice (sans Chris) was weaving up a storm today.

You'll also notice the triangle loom set up behind her....LaDonna has a new shawl started.

I didn't catch this conversation....looks like they may be plotting and planning!!!!!

No....this isn't the same picture as last week!!!

Bonnie has new fabric to cut, and Linda is going to the doctor and get her wrist checked!!!!

That's new stuff!!!!

Ann cut the rug off soon after this picture was taken!

Notice the shuttle in her hand----it was in the cabinet with the mystery red thread still on it.  Now that thread will come in very handy!

 The sticks are already woven in place to cut the warp....she just needs one more inch of plain weave before she takes the scissors to the warp.

Since Maggie and Bella can't come next week, she went ahead and cut the place mat warp.  This gives us some additional items for the Foothills booth.  I think these will be a hit!

Lanny logged in his time, and he was ready to go!

We are glad to hear that Carl has been weaving some at home.

And, Allan is making great progress on the Annex addition.

We've all got a lot to do...we've got 16 days until we set-up our booth!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

What a day. I met two new weaves. Got to talk with all the other weaver friends. There were lots to do and a lot of conversations to try and follow. I am blessed to have such good friends to congergate with.