Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Juggling

Just a quick note to say I am still juggling. I started to pull out my camera and upload photos but I put it away.

Anyone who does this, blogging I mean, knows that once you start messing with pictures you are not talking about a quick - 5 minutes post. And I can't do any more than that today.

Last week I talked about juggling balls, juggling tasks, juggling roles. If anything it seems that I am juggling faster this week. Blogging is the one I am just not going to be able to attend to today.

I have gotten some weaving done this week. Three rugs woven and three scarves finished and ready for the craft show. I will take pictures next week. If I have any spare time this evening after a school chorus concert I hope to get to the rug loom again.

Be well,


LA said...

Enjoy your concert tonight!!! Family is important!

Bonnie said...

And life marches on. So much to get done. Time is flying by and not enough time to get all things we want to do done.