Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

  That would be the weaving neighborhood!!!!

  Lots of chatter....
Lots of laughing....
Lots of weaving!!!!

For instance:
  we had a box of donated thread.....Carol sorted through it, and some of it can be used for future warps, and some of it went home with weavers.  Carol also tagged more items for the Foothills Show.
  Christy was working on her Inkle Loom, while Cindy is still putting her new warp on her loom.

Bonnie has a new title:  The Stripper!  Ah shucks, you know what I mean....she is cutting strips of fabric for rugs!  What did you think I meant?????

  We have completely sold out of blue jean rugs upstairs in the shop, so we need to get more woven.  These fabrics will look great with the denim strips in the rugs.

  Look at the great progress that Allan is making!  We are so excited about having more storage room for our stash of fabric and weaving supplies!  We are planning on a paint day the Tuesday after Foothills!!!!

  Lanny took time out to supervise after lunch.

  Yes, siree....Tina warps front to back!  She's very talented that way!

  These are dish towels with a beautiful stripe....they will be very popular!

  Ms. Ila is weaving overshot mug rugs...she's using the honeysuckle threading!

  And, Pat completed another table runner on her warp.  Since it's banging on her knees, it's time to cut off the cloth that has built up on the beam.

  And, here's the Roll Out.............
.........no wonder it was hitting her knees!!!!

  Carl spent the morning back on the barn loom weaving away on those rugs.  We are all so glad he's back with us.

Yes, indeed........
  ..........it was a beautiful day in our neighborhood!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

What a beautiful day with weaving friends. Lots of talk and chatter. I don't think we resolved any world problems. But we sure did have lots to talk about.

Tina J said...

I got my reed threaded and all my harness' ready for next week! 2 harness' with 25 heddles and 2 harness' with over 200. Yep, it is huck lace. How do you spell it, harnesses?

Roxie said...

What a splendid day! good on you all.