Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Dog's View of Tuesday Weavers

Hello!  My name is Bella, and I'm here to tell you about my day yesterday.  Mom said we were going to go for a ride, so I was ready to go!  I love to ride in the new car.  I get the backseat all to myself.  I got comfy on my girlie-pink serape and watched stuff go by the windows.  I used to get car sick all the time, but now I really like riding in the car.  Most of the time we go to Grandma's, or to the vet's.  I don't mind the vet's too much.  Everyone there likes me.  They always tell me how pretty I am, but they do call me Crazy Woman sometimes.  I get kind of excited, especially when I see Mom coming to pick me up.
  We were in the car for kind of a long time before Mom stopped.  We got out, and I ran around, sniffing everything new.  She opened a door and I ran in and saw a few people, and a lot of looms.
  Mom has looms, and when she sits at the looms, she doesn't pay any attention to me.  I'll bring her all kinds of stuff to play with, and she might tug at Monkey a little, or throw the ball once or twice, but mostly she just sits at those looms.  
  Well, here was a whole room of them!  And lots more people showed up, some I knew and some I didn't.  Some have been to the house where I live with Mom and those pesky cats, and I've been to Ms. LouAnn's house, so she got a special hello.
Mom sat down at one of the looms and I sat down on my blanket.  Sometimes people walked by and I sniffed them, but mostly, I laid on my blanket.  Mom and LouAnn worked on the loom; Mom wove something kind of ugly after she and LouAnn cut off a bunch of stuff from her loom.  Then everybody started working on their looms and I got bored.  I didn't even have any toys to play with.  I fell asleep for a while.
  And when everyone sat together to eat, I didn't get anything!  Mom forgot to bring my lunch!  I did get a lot of treats, though, and everyone was really nice, even if they were kind of boring while they worked.  
  When we were leaving, Carol said I could come back.  I'd like that, but I'm going to bring toys and lunch next time.

See you next week, then!
Arabella Louise Marie Elaine Davidson


LA said...

Bella....I'll be ready next time and bring you some yummy treats!!! I loved having you at the Center yesterday!

Theresa said...

Nothing like canine company when you do fiber work. They are so agreeable!. What no jar of dog treats at the center????

Bonnie said...

Bella, you were wonderful. A very good girl. I am sorry your mom forgot your lunch. She will do better next time.

Roxie said...

What an asset you must have been. I'm sure there were fewer tangles and snarls because your protective presence chased them away, just like a sheepdog chases wolves. Good dog, Bella!