Saturday, November 12, 2011

Short & Sweet

Sad..... sad....nekid looms are just down right SAD!

But, it's good, too...since this means that all my totes are downstairs in different stages of completion.  And, I have warps on two other looms that I can weave on if I get the notion.

  I have some ideas for the 8 shaft loom that I'd like to try....I'm going to put some wool on her!  (I haven't woven with wool yet, so I have some reading to do first!)  And, I'll tie the warp back on John and do some rugs after the excitement of Foothills has passed.  They won't be nekid for long!!!!

  Marta's husband, David, left this at the door for me this week!
  Hatch Green Chile....yum-yum!!!!
  And, some yoga mat straps for our booth at Foothills that she wove on her Inkle loom.  Marta told me in an email that she's putting together a proposal to teach Inkle loom weaving at the community college near her in Santa Fe.  She should...don't you think????

  Ohhhhh.....what is it?????
  I am really looking forward to this had a little nubbin on it when I brought it in before the freeze.  Last week it was slightly larger.  This is today's photo.
  And yes, that's a tub of cherry tomato plants.  It was full of little green tomatoes when the freeze warning came, so I just pulled the whole tub inside so they could ripen on the vine.  I keep it right next to the sliding glass doors, and I've had a couple ripen so far.  What a wonderful little reminder of summer!

  That's it for today....the long range weather reports show sunny days for our Foothills show.  That's great news!!! 
  Now, for those finishing touches on my totes.........

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

What a nice treat to find at the front door. Enjoy the blooms. I brougnt in 3 pink roses. A bit late in the year for roses, but the smell so nice.

Tina J said...

I love the inkle straps, they look so solid! They must be wider than the ones I have done.

Anonymous said...

Did I say that? I am thinking about a class, but didn't know I was already to the "proposal stage". Guess I need to add this to the 2012 list! ~Marta in SF