Saturday, November 19, 2011

Many Hands Make Short Work

  If you had been a fly on the wall Thursday morning, you would have said, "No Way!"

  I'm sure we looked like a band of gypsies unloading and hauling all our stuff to our booth.  But, before long, it started taking shape.

  Pat and Lanny got busy taping the rug down before we started moving the tables and racks into place. 

  Carol started putting together the grid panels that would go in our booth and her booth.  Those panels have been a life saver in so many ways!!!

  Remember all those rugs from the back of Pat's car on Tuesday????

  The gang  started in hanging some on the racks and some of them got rolled up and put in the large basket in the corner.  And, some of them were put under the table to be brought out later.

  We sure had a lot of rugs!!!


  And, before we knew it, things were in place, and our booth was together.

Now, that's not to say we didn't do some tweaking now and fact, we are still tweaking!!!

  Tina and I brainstormed the whole way home last night about the placemats......we have so many, and people don't seem to even see them.  I can't wait to see what she has come up with by the time I go over this afternoon!

  So, after our booth was put together, we went to town on Carol's booth.  All of her coats, vest and tops had to be unpacked and hung up in her booth.  But, once more, when everyone pitches in, it doesn't take very long.


  Our little Pup has been a huge hit.....when I was weaving, a little boy (around 4 years old, I'd say) was totally mesmerized by the loom.  I had him stepping on the treadle and beating in the weft before too long, and I think he would have stayed forever!!!!  Ann took over the weaving and played around with the treadling on the overshot pattern.  I didn't get a picture of Christy and her Inkle loom, but she finished off two warps yesterday!!!!  As Tina was tying on a new warp on the Inkle, people were stopping and asking lots of questions!!!!  How fun!
  LaDonna, Ms. Ila and Tina are already over at the show this morning, and I'm headed there in a bit.  We've had so many people stop and ask about where they could learn to weave......and we TOLD them where to come......just head to the Center on a Tuesday.  Guess what we'll be doing?????
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Not only did the booth take shape quickly, we had fun doing it! Going out to breakfast before was a good idea, too!

Bonnie said...

I hope that you had another productive day. I hope to have one tomorrow.

Tina J said...

When I left at about 2pm, we had already surpassed our goal for the 2 days. Lou Ann is bringing me the cash box this evening, I can't wait to see how we did

Anonymous said...

I wish I was a fly on the wall at the show, or better yet a cat on one of those gorgeous rugs! You all are doing an incredible job, particularly for the first year. So much talent blossoming out of that studio! ~Marta in SF

Anonymous said...

Marta - we need more yoga mat straps. Two sold before early afternoon on Friday.