Monday, October 31, 2011

Brief Break

After a show like last weekend, I like to take a bit of time to relax a bit, get the paperwork done and clear up a bit in the studio before tackling more projects. I didn't get much done I will admit this past week.
A warp was finally found but it's still on the warping board!! This will be the last regular warp I'm doing this year. Once this warp is off I hope to weave some rugs and placemats before jumping back into production in January.
The warp is a dark blue grey, light grey and white in the middle. I'm going to weave with black. Hopefully by next week I'll have a picture of it!!!

 Saturday we tackled the greenhouse. It's been getting cold here in the evenings and plants needed to be brought in before the big freeze. We're getting close to that freeze....
 Before we moved more plants in we needed to do some things like cut back the dead branches from the bougainvilleas. We hadn't done that in years and I figure with this cut and maybe fertilizing the plants we should have some nice blooms in February. I had to laugh at the picture I took of DH. He's up on a stool clipping. I didn't realize that his head was right behind the pot hanging from the ceiling there.
 The pine on the right was given to us several years ago as a small, maybe 12" plant. It's grown a bunch and was in a pot that was just too small. Walmart had some big pots on Friday when  I was out that way. It was pouring down rain and the pots were out in the open area but I got one and replanted it. It should be happy now.
Part of what I did was also take some branches that broke off and see if they'll root. When we were bringing in a big pot a long section of my hindu rope broke off. I'm hoping that it will root. Breaking it into about 5 parts and snapping off a few leaves that hopefully will be where the roots come from, it's an experiment I haven't tried before.
We got one half of the greenhouse done. The other half will have to happen this weekend. We've collected some memorabilia from our family homes and they need to be hung someplace so those boxes are sitting among some plants that need a bit of help. I'll post more when that side is ready to show.
For now the poinsettias from last year are hiding in a corner that will be dark in the evening and should bloom by January if not December. Some plants were just brought into the studio downstairs from outside that door and a few ferns are in the sun room waiting for us to finish clearing the other side of that little greenhouse. Then we'll  move everything in there for the winter.
Here's to a more productive week!


Bonnie said...

Ok, I keep looking at that picture of your DH. I thought he had on some kind of helment or bee keeper hat. Plants are looking good. You are getting them in just in time.

Tina J said...

I think that a greenhouse would be a great addition to my house, is yours attatched to the house? The plants look really good, and you got them in none too soon, our Impatients bit the dust night before last, as did the Zinnias. It really is Fall isn't it!

LA said...

I bet walking into the greenhouse during the dead of winter is a real mood booster!!!

Theresa said...

How lucky to have a green house and it certainly is too! Some lovely looking plants and the headless gardner is so fun. ;)