Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're In the Final Stretch!

With all the last minute details we are dealing with, we always have time to share new things!!!

  Tina brought her completed WOOL rug to share with us today......and it is just too wonderful!  You can see the bench pad to the left of the rug....that was her first project.  This rug makes you want to take off your shoes and socks and just dig your little tootsies right in!!!  I think she has something special right here!

  Bonnie and Linda were busy tagging items for the sale, while LaDonna worked on the fringes of her scarf. 

  And, since it was a rainy day, Allan got the chance to weave on his place mats.  The sewing machine was being very cranky with him, so Ann finished up his strips for today.

  Just like Santa, we checked our list twice to make sure we had everything covered.  Most of us have lots of little things to remember and bring on Thursday for set up for our booth.  (Where-oh-where are all the extension cords????)

  Ms. Ila got the thread together for the Wolf Pup...it goes, too!!!!  She put an overshot pattern for mug rugs on the loom.

Beatrice, Carol and Cindy are still hard at work with weaving lessons.  Beatrice got her thread wound for her next warp, and Cindy is weaving away on her new warp.

  Lanny helped Carl cut the warp on the barn loom.  There were five rugs!

  A bunch of us dove in and knotted the fringes, and those rugs got priced and tagged for Foothills.  Ann put them safely in her car to take Thursday.

  Pat loaded up her car with rugs to take, too!!!!

What do you call a load of rugs?????

  And, finally......Tina and her granddaughter:

"Train them in the way they should go."

  We do love to share weaving .........

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Oh my. What a pile of loot. We will have so much stuff, people will get lost looking at it all.

Linda said...

It was a busy day. Thursday will be even more busy!

Tina J said...

You all should have heard her exclaim "I did it!" each time she pulled the yarn thru the heddle with the hook. She was so excited!
I am very excited myself about thursday, it is going to be fun, I think. We have lots of stuff to sell, and able bodied people to man the booth. We just have to hope for buyers!

Maggie said...

Good luck, everyone! Have a fabulous time!

Theresa said...

I sure wish I could go to that sale! And how wonderful that you all have such a caring sharing spirit and that there is always time to start a new weaver. Have a grand and prosperous weekend!