Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Complete and Total Randomness

  As I was driving home, I realized that it's my day to post, and I feel terrible every time I email everyone and say I can't post today because of work, lack of subject matter, fatigue, blahblahblah.  So I tried to think of a subject, hopefully fiber-related.
  Nothing.  Nada.
  But I was an English major, and I loved the free-association exercises our poetry professor made us do.  I never got any good poetry out of it, but I liked the freedom to write down whatever pops in my head.

  1. Why don't drivers in east Tennessee EVER use their turn signals?  A guy just nudged his way in front of me to turn into Burger King.  Was it so urgent that he ingest more calories than the average Belizian that he forego turning on his indicator?
  2. I'm downloading my entire CD collection onto iTunes.  I have CD's I've never even listened to!  It's really fun!  Especially when I download them onto my iPhone and plug it into my car stereo.
  3. Bella and I went to Brasstown, NC on Monday.  She threw up twice in the car and I asked if I could teach a class at John C. Campbell Folk School.  I have to fill out a form on line.  I'm going to do it.  I want to teach the world to bake.  I'm hoping they'll let me teach a class in exchange for taking a class.  But then I'll have to decide what class.
  4. I'm having Thanksgiving on Tuesday with Mom.  I'll post photos of the deliciousness.
  5. Gaelic Ale from Highland Brewery in Asheville is my favorite beer.  I'm enjoying one now.
I hope you all have a lovely, productive, lucrative, magical weekend!  Go, Tuesday Weavers!  Be successful entrepeneurs!  (spell check says that's spelled correctly.  i have my doubts.)


LA said...

You go, girl!!!! John C. Campbell would be lucky to have you teach a baking class! BTW, I have some new caps for your friend Amy. I've fallen in love with "Original Sin" hard cider, and the cap is way cool!!!

Bonnie said...

You would be a great teacher. Try giving Bella a benedryl before a long car ride. I gave Emma one before we left for NC and it was a great drive. She slept all the way and was very calm.

Tina J said...

I hope you do get a chance to teach at JCC! I would love to take a class there, I just haven't slowed down enough to take a look. I bet I could find something for Dear One to do there too!