Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Makin' A List......

  As warps come off looms, another has to go on, right????
  And, as we complete a project, it's time to plan another one, right???

  So, while some of us worked at looms, some of us were planning the NEXT project.

  I think Bonnie decided on towels for her next warp.

In the meantime.......

.....I was getting the tote bag warp ready to cut off Bonnie's loom.  (Those are now in my laundry room waiting to get cut apart and washed!)

  Carl is thinking he has one more rug to weave before his warp is ready to cut, and Lanny swears there is only one more scarf left on his warp!!!

  Ann was excited that the custom made brown rug was picked up by the customer....it was exactly what she wanted!  And, Cindy is going to weave off the warp on Ms. Bonnie's loom.

  Carol took a quick visual inventory to see what was on the other looms.

  Tina found a wee threading error....uh-oh!

   And through it all, Allan just kept weaving!

The new roof on the Annex looks great...all new and shiny!  But, we need a dry day to paint the boards... we'll just stay inside and weave!

  So, as we get ready to move into high gear for the holidays, we took a little time to make our yearly holiday picture.  Enjoy!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Aren't we such a happy group. Yes, we are. I am glad to get back to weaving. I will think about my warp and be ready to wind it next week. And, thank you LouAnn for finishing that warp.

Anonymous said...

Great photo - well mostly great photo.

Tina J said...

What a fun day! We are almost back to normal. It feels good!

Maggie said...

Carl with antlers! What a great photo!