Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Dose of Fiber

  Crazy busy days at work this week, with the most guests we've ever had at once.  And the sadness of having to let someone go piled on top of that made this weekend--Monday and Tuesday--so welcome.  I started by washing and ironing all the fabric I've gotten lately, and Weftie helped, by making sure I didn't iron the white shirting fabric too quickly.
  I cut out a pair of pajama bottoms from some fabric I bought in 2000 to make pj's for Matt.  If they would have been a bit young for him then, they would be ridiculously so now.  I made them for me, then, to wear with a t-shirt.  They're giant robots, in case you can't see them clearly enough.

 I also cut out a black flowered skirt, the kind of fabric that's been popping up everywhere lately, with fabric tape swirls sewn on top of it.  The pattern has two skirts, one on top of the other, and the swirly bits seemed to be too much bulk, so I've altered it to just have black silk underneath, except where the underskirt shows.

  Then, there's the beautiful dove grey linen I bought at Textiles in Nashville.  I had in mind a beautiful peasant blouse I'd just gotten the pattern for from Vogue.  There are about 5 billion pattern pieces, lots of tucks and loops and gathers.  It's one of those projects I have to schedule a day or two just to make it, so I don't lose my place or my interest.
  And just to show I'm a well-rounded fiber person--not just from sitting too much!--I finished the alpaca wool scarf I've restarted about five times this summer.  I settled on a tv-watching friendly 1x1 rib, and used all but about 3 inches of the yarn.  It's drying over a heater vent today, and I hope to wrap up in it tomorrow.
  No weaving, and Bella didn't get to join the weavers this week, but we're hoping this week will be easier and we'll meet our friends in Norris next Tuesday.  Until then, get your daily dose of fiber!


Tina J said...

I have been wanting to sew up some skirts, which for me is really an odd thing. I don't do well with powered machines of any kind. Maybe with the Singer treadle I will feel safe enough. I would love to see some of your finished skirts!

Bonnie said...

I love that black flower skirt. I like the long one. That is a lot of pattern pieces. Tell Bella that we missed seeing her and her mom at weaving.

LA said...

I'm glad you and Bella will be back next week...we missed you! And, it's so nice seeing Weftie....what a little minx!!! You sure have a lot of sewing going on!