Monday, November 7, 2011


Last week after I wrote the blog and took the camera chip out of the computer, I looked up out of our kitchen window and saw this tree. It was a very cloudy day but the colors were so pretty I took a picture of it to remember in winter. Looking out now, most of the leaves are still there and it's going to be weeks before the leaves are all gone but I think it was peak last Monday.
 I wove off the last clothing warp I am doing before January. Not making it as long as I usually do, meant weaving it was alot quicker. It's already cut, serged, washed and dry ready to finish before the show next week. I do hope to have them all ready to go by then.
 So for the next couple of months I'm going to weave placemats and rugs. I've been collecting fabrics for several years now, just waiting for the right time to cut them to weave into rugs. Awhile ago when Walmart was getting rid of their fabric, they had things like flannel 60 " wide for $2 a yard. I got about 5 bolts. This fabric is cotton, not really good for clothing but great colors for rugs.  So I've got a primitive station set up in the living room to cut strips. The TV tray is way to unsteady for it and I have to hang onto it just right with my feet but I'm cranking out strips getting ready for the bright warp that'll be on the loom in the next day or so ready to weave on.
I've got loopers in alot of cheerful colors. Later I'll be dyeing those loopers that we got on Friday. I'm still sorry I couldn't go along on that road trip!!
 This morning the sky is clear and it's sunny. I looked out another window in our kitchen, the other side of the table and took a picture of this really tall tree. It's peak today! This really is the prettiest time of year here.
 In spring every year I get some plants to plant in window boxes outside our bedroom on our deck. Each year it's a battle with the squirrels. Will they eat them before July or wait til August?  Doesn't seem to matter what I buy, they will tackle the plants and enjoy them. Last year they kind of let the petunias alone, so I  got them again this year. However, this year they liked them and by the time I got back from Canada in August they were gone. In the last month or so this brave guy has shot up from what was left. Because it's right by the window and on the sunny side, I guess it's still alive and blooming. Here's hoping it'll keep on blooming for awhile yet before the frost will get it.
I talked to my sister and Mom yesterday in Moose Jaw. It had been snowing all day and was to continue most of the evening..........the first snow, warm underneath meaning what hit the road would melt and it would be icy there. A cousin in Saskatoon posted on facebook that she just hated when it snowed. A friend pointed out to her that she'd lived there all her life and should be used to it already. Well, I sure am not any longer. I've actually lived in the US longer now than in Canada. I would have a hard time if I had to be up there all winter. Going up for a couple of weeks in January is quite different (and still plenty enough) than living there through all the cold and snow. Even when it's sunny and bright outside, it can be -20 and you know that's cold! I guess I'm spoilt by now.
So I'll enjoy my fall colors and my petunia as long as it's able to keep going. I'll head down to the studio to finish the black and grey pieces I wove and get that rug warp going. Using up my stash is a good thing. There's always more where that came from!!
Stay warm, Mom!


Bonnie said...

This is a beautiful time of the year. It will be fun for you to weave a rug for something different. You don't get to weave at the center any more. Way too busy.

LA said...

Isn't that the way of things? As you are weaving off one project, your mind is already thinking of another project you can't hardly wait to get to!!! I'm glad you added to your stash when you had the chance!

Tina J said...

It is all the colors we are craving right now I think. Colors in trees and colors in fabric. As weavers we get to play with color all winter, just inside!