Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stash Busting - Living a Life of Abundance

Whether weaving or cooking, having a "stash" on hand allows for spur of the moment creativity. I start with the basics - a warp or a chuck roast - and then I look around for what is on hand. Do I want something safe, familiar and comforting or something new, bold, different.

My cooking stash is filled with staples and favorites condiments. My mother used to say she didn't know anyone with a better smelling spice cabinet. I also always have on hand Thai curry pastes, several cheeses, 4-5 kinds of beans, lots of pastas, ready made Indian sauces, and of course Tina's eggs. Having a variety of ingredients on hand allows for creativity when my husband comes home from the grocery with a pork roast or a roasting chicken or whatever. Lucky for me both my husband and daughter are adventurous eaters. 

Bedspreads and draperies

Last month, when digging in the center's storage annex for fabric for a custom order rug I found a rubber-made container filled with white chenille bedspreads and baby fabrics. The idea for nursery rugs was born. I put a pastel warp on my floor loom and started stripping bedspreads. Then I realized that I had stash perfect for use with the warp - nylon from the bulk purchase that we had made as a group last spring. I had even already skeined and washed a lot of "baby pink." Perfect.

Nasty nylon
Nylon ready for weaving
Lucky for me rug buyers come in all types - safe and comfortable - a little wild and crazy - and hopefully in the shape of some grandmothers looking for the perfect accessory for a nursery. 

When I weave I live in a world of abundance. There is always a stash and the creative possibilities are endless.

Be well,



Bonnie said...

Wonderfully said.

Tina J said...

Well put, and a unique twist I hadn't thought of!

LA said...

So, now you need a "pantry" for your fiber stash...and it had better be a LARGE one!!!

Hilary said...

Where do they make the nylon like that? I thought that was history.

Sandra Rude said...

Love your philosophy, both in the kitchen and in the studio. Keep up the good work!

Theresa said...

Oh my, that is a nice pantry stash, and weaving stash. Those will be great baby room rugs....they will last FOREVER. The kids will be able to take them when they move out to college.

Anonymous said...

Hilary - That nylon is history. The center was approached last spring by a woman who was helping a family get rid of the weaving supplies of an old mountain woman. She had been a weaver for Arrowcraft. The Tuesday Weavers bought three pick up loads of it. The nylon obviously came from lingerie factories in the Carolinas and Georgia - long since shut down.Some of it was nasty and some in beautiful condition- all of it weavable. We each bought some of the nice stuff for home use and then were "encouraged" to take some of the nasty stuff.


Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
Rugs are so forgiving when it comes to materials. And how magical that you can use "Waste" and turn it into "Wonderful!" I hit garage sales at the end of a Sunday, and take old sheet sets off their hands for a dollar or two, then tear them up for quilts to send to orphanages overseas. Rit makes everything a beautiful color - be it never so drab and stained.