Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The End of May....Already????

  If you were one of the lucky weavers who came to the Center this morning.....you could have had one of these!!!!  YUM!
  Ms. Ila made us fresh scones with cherries from LaDonna's yard.  What a treat!
  Ann is on vacation.
Bonnie and Nada are still on the Sick or Injured List.
  Ms. Pat is getting ready to build a palace for her new poultry with her grandson.
  Allan is up to his eyeballs in other projects at the moment!

Just a snapshot of some of the activity:  Ms. Bonnie got a fringe twisting lesson from Ms. Ila.  Carol ran more fabric through the stripper as we plan new warps for the looms.  Tina did double duty:  she was "Mimi" and warp planner.  Ms. Jane, Sara and LaDonna stayed busy at their looms.

"Mimi's" little precious ones were spending the morning with us at the Center.  They loved playing with the bobbin winder and you should hear them treadle on the loom!!!!!

Carl finished up a small tote today, and started on the LAST one for this warp.  (You might notice that he has a BIG smile on his face!!!)

  Lanny was hard at work on the scarf warp....we'll have to get an update on how many are left to do.

  My scarf is at 60 inches....and I think the warp fairies have added on more thread to that warp.  I know I must be near the end!

Ms. Sharon came by the Center with the details of the repair job on the Annex.  Allan inspected it and drew up a plan for the renovation.  We'll have to wait and see what the Board says!

  I'll leave you with a shot of one of Ms. Ila's beautiful scarves.  The metallic thread didn't show up as well as I had hoped.  But, I think you can see how lovely it is.  This is one of several that she was twisting the fringes on today.

  Tomorrow is the first day of June....we'll all be finishing up old projects and starting new ones.

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Not fair. I wanted to be there today. That scarf Ila made is beautiful. What cute grandchildren. You have not shown your scarf in awhile(LA) Have you finished it? Alan did a plan for the anex renovation?

Roxie said...

It's such fun to peek in at what you're all up to!

Maggie said...

Great, great photos of everyone! And the scones... mmmmmm... But I'll be there next week! Woohoooo!