Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Once upon a time, I bought the book, Best of Rowan.  It's a collection of some of the most beautiful sweater designs by some of the best knitwear designers in the world.  I chose the Kaffe Fassett design, "Foolish Virgins," and chose Tahki Cotton Classic to knit it in.  I started it on a train ride to Chicago, and made a lot of friends when people couldn't resist asking me about it.  That was in 2003.  Above you see the fronts and the back.  To the right is the sleeve I'm currently working on.  Yes, eight years is a long time to make something, but this sweater isn't fit to knit in just any situation.  It takes a lot of concentration.  I can't watch t.v. or have conversations.  It can't come to knit night or handle a beer.  I have set myself the goal of finishing it this summer--cotton is nice to knit with in the summer!--so I can wear it this fall.  Now that it's in the upper 90's so soon, I have extra incentive to sit and knit, because it's too @#$&* hot outside to do any gardening!
And now, a love story.  Today, I went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, because I hate my vacuum cleaner.  A modern woman, especially one who came of age during the fight for equality for women, the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment and the origin of Ms. Magazine perhaps shouldn't get so excited about a vacuum cleaner.  It symbolizes the oppression of women, the perpetuation of the traditional role of woman as home maker, now combined to be the bread winner and family raiser.  And yet, I am a single woman with three cats and a dog.  I need a good vacuum cleaner, and my old one doesn't suck.  I don't mean that in a good way.  It doesn't suck up forty pounds of pet hair and cat litter and food preparation detritus worth a darn.  Plus, it's big, clumsy, poorly designed and made for carpeted floors.  I don't have carpeted floors.  I've complained about this stupid machine long enough!  And I found its replacement today.  (Cue angel choir)  It's an Electolux Ergorapido.  I know, stupid name, right?  But it's elegant and light and cordless.  It's easy to use and rechargeable.  The fat bulge near the bottom?  That's a detachable handheld vacuum!  See the ugly beast next to it?  Want it?  You can have it, for free!  If you don't speak up before tomorrow, though, you'll have to buy it at KARM.
  Now, excuse me.  I want to spend some time with my new vacuum cleaner.  Happy weaving!  


LA said...

I can't wait to see that sweater!!!! It IS a work of art! Let us know how the new vac does with kitty litter!!!!!

Tina J said...

What a beautiful sweater!