Friday, May 13, 2011

Studio critter!

Some folks I know have studio cats or dogs. I am allergic to both of those so I decided maybe a rabbit would be nice. I have had rabbits before. All kinds but this time I wanted something really small. After researching small rabbits I decided on a Netherland Dwarf. I decided this after Easter so finding one for sale was a challenge. I found one on craigslist! It is a wonderful website. If you have never looked at it you will be amazed at what is for sale on it. I was able to buy a nice sized rabbit cage with accessories. I picked  up the cage this morning and then headed out to pick up Mr, Cuteness. I knew he would be small but not this small! He was hand raised because his mama didn't have any milk so he is very tame. He fits in one hand! He is smaller than some guinea pigs I have known! He is ten weeks old.

Isn't he just the cutest thing? Tuesday Weavers! I may have to bring him on Tuesday so you can meet him!



Tina J said...

How sweet! I know you will like having him around, and if you need someone to babysit him, he is very portable and easy care!

LA said...

Every weaver needs a weaving buddy! He looks like he can do the job!

Amanda Cutler said...