Saturday, May 28, 2011

We All Have a Job

CeCe takes her job very seriously, as you can tell.  As soon as I clamped the board to the table, she jumped up on the bench.  I no sooner than got the scarf pinned, and she hopped up on the table to further anchor it in place.

  This is one of the scarves that I wove at the Center, and I brought it home to finish.  I had to unravel four rows of plain weave on one end to make it match the other end, then hemstitch.  (Thanks go out to Tina--she helped me "tie" it to the Pup so I could get the tension I needed to hem!)  I'm adding the green thread to the fringe before I twist, which makes the scarf look so much better.  The moral of this story is to make a little note when you start the many rows of plain weave DID you do????

  I am STILL weaving on the black warp on Parker Pup.  I decided to make some PodPockets.....which is really just a mug rug times two!  I did put two extra rows of twill where the fold will be.  I've woven two, and since there's more warp, I may weave more.


  Cat Tracks/Snail Trail does make a beautiful pattern for mug rugs.  I've been making pairs of mug rugs to add to my stock pile. 

  This week I pulled out the sample mug rugs I did for a class that I'm planning.  The loom was threaded in a M&W pattern, and I used different treadlings to produce these designs. 
  Tina and I have been asked to teach some beginning weaving classes for the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival next March.  Since we work well as a team, we have developed two different classes that are do-able for someone with no weaving experience.  (But, as all weavers know, once you have woven something, you are hooked!!!)
  My job now is to write the blurb for the class and the handout.  I think I may test drive the pattern on my daughter and son-in-law.  He's been wanting to weave on a loom (I got him started Inkle weaving at Christmas.)  But, neither of them have any loom experience.  And now the question:  How many looms can I get in my car????

  But, for the next couple of days, I'm going to enjoy this holiday weekend.  The pool is looking good, and the weather is looking even better.  It's time to fire up the grill and bake some brownies.  My job will be to pour the sweet tea, and hand out towels.  That sounds good to me!!!

Happy Memorial Day.....especially to those who are serving our Country!


Bonnie said...

I bet that you can get several looms in you car. Sounds like a fun weekend.

Tina J said...

Have a great weekend with the crew! The projects will be there on Tuesday!

Maggie said...

So, not to get too technical with you, but I'm not sure you need to fire up the grill to bake brownies. Maybe your recipe is different than mine? :-)
Happy weekend!