Monday, May 16, 2011

Moral of the story...

I'm still weaving black. This is my second warp. I'd hoped to have more done on it, but so far I'm almost finished the first jacket. Today I have scheduled myself to weave all morning. Hopefully I'll have alot more of this warp finished by noon!

 I don't enjoy weaving black but it is satisfying to be able to crank more fabric onto the cloth beam!
I do like weaving bright colors. The placemat warp is done and hanging on my rack to dry.
There are only 13 on this warp but I did want to just see how those rolls of fabric strips we got would weave. They do weave like a dream!
I have a new warp wound and ready to go on Thelma. It's all natural. It's alot longer too. We are invited to a wedding this weekend near Savannah. We won't be able to make it but I need to mail their gift. It'll be a set of placemats. The warp is natural and the weft will be white. I need to have some extra on hand for wedding gifts!

So, we got to thinking last week, DH and I. The jeeps both got dings from the hail storm a couple of weeks ago. If the jeeps did, what about our roof. It looked ok from down here on the ground DH called our insurance agent about the jeeps and the roof. Within 2 days a guy came to his office and then our home to check our jeeps. They both have substantial damage. DH will be replacing his windshield since it is nicely cracked on the passenger side!
What kind of surprised us was that our roof will need replacing. The adjuster that came is from Valdosta. A friend who lives off Northshore said that man that came to her place was from California. Insurance companies have called guys in from all over to help. I think half of Knoxville needs new roofs! We see more and more blue tarps on homes!!
So, the moral of the story........if you get hail bigger than golf balls, even if there aren't a ton that size, get your roof checked!


LA said...

Thank goodness you got your roof checked!!! I'm just thankful you weren't blown away!!! I'm thinking about using some of that nylon for a porch rug. The rug I have out there sure did fade a lot last year. I wonder if the nylon would hold up better?

Roxie said...

The placemats look pretty, and the whie and natural will be awesome.

I found that high-tempo music always speeds the weaving. Salsa and sambas are especially helpful.

Bonnie said...

The placemats are pretty.

Tina J said...

I think that black warp is really nice. I bet you can wear tons of colors to compliment it. I almost said, dress it up, but what is dressier than black!