Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornadic Activity

 Tornadic activity is the phrase of the week.  I like the way it rolls off the tongue, but not the way it rolled over dear Mom's house and car!  I was safe and sound in North Knoxville, but Mom's neighborhood in Louisville was in the path of the Tornadic Activity, and had a horrendous hail storm.  Her house and her beloved car bore the brunt of it, but she is fine, if quite shaken up.  Things have begun to be ironed out with the insurance companies, and here's hoping her car and house will be back to normal soon.  It might take a little longer for her spirit, but she's sounding better each day.

I had five days off last week, with the Tornadic Activity smack dab in the middle of it.  The sewer replacement crew caused a little damage, themselves, in my front yard.  Here you see the bare, raw hillside in front of my yard, complete with hacked off roots from my poor 90-year-old red maple tree.  I've since covered it with topsoil I dug from the back yard while digging the walkway from the garage to the sidewalk.  It took much longer to dig the walkway than the This Old House website says it will, but I think they gave the estimate with Roger Cook helping.  I'm about half his size, and I don't move dirt for a living the way he does.  I passed out on the couch without putting in the gravel or paving stones.  That will have to wait until next day off.
  As will my weaving, though I did make some progress on the shawl warp.  I still love the tone-on-tone of the off white bamboo warp and tabby with the white pattern rows.
I've done three pattern repeats so far, but work has intervened and will probably keep me from it until after the famous chef, Alain Ducasse stops by the farm this coming week.  He's kind of a big deal, and we will make room for him in our kitchen.  We're all pretty excited!  I'll let you know how it goes next Wednesday, if I get home from work in time!
  I've also wound most of the shag rug warp, but I'm not sure I'll get a rug done before Matt's birthday.  Since he gave me my Christmas gifts in March, I should probably cut myself some slack and present him later as well.  I think he'll find it worth the wait.
  Lovely visit today from chilly weather!  Happy weaving!  --Maggie


Bonnie said...

I hope that the maple tree will be alright. I am glad that you mom is alright. He car and home can be fixed with insurance.

Carol said...

I wondered about your Mom and hoped she'd come to your place!!! That storm came to our place and the tornado touched down a mile from us. I counted the tarps on neighbors roofs today!!! Finally got our phone service back tonight. Yeah!!
I'm glad your Mom has good insurance to take care of it all!

LA said...

Joyce touched bases with me this morning...oh my!!! We are so lucky that SHE is OK!!!! That shawl warp is just too beautiful! I love that pattern.

Linda said...

Poor Joyce!! I hope she recovers from the scare. Whew! The poor house and car. Please tell her we love her and miss her!

MarthaVA said...

Yikes! on the tornadic activity!!! Ouch on the damage to the house and car. :-(
Glad your mom is ok tho.
That shawl pattern is beautiful.