Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Our World!!!

  I love walking into the Center on Tuesdays....I never know what is going to happen (and you thought we just wove?) and who will be there.  Today was no exception!!!!

Ann is getting ready to go on vacation, so we won't see her for a few weeks.  She brought in her baby blankets that she just finished.  Here she is showing them to Tina.  They have not been wet finished yet, so I can't wait to see how they change!  They are lovely!!!!!

And, remember that warp of linen towels?

Tina got to the end today, and it was time to cut it off!!!!

This is the linen warp that Maggie put on the loom, and she wove four towels........then her schedule changed at work!

But, we were so happy that Maggie got to be with us today!!! That was certainly good timing, Maggie!!
  Here you can see Tina looking for any repairs that needed to be made to the towels.

  That's Maggie on the far right....she was threading an 8 harness pattern on the table loom.

Sara and Linda worked at their table looms, and that's Ms. Bonnie working on the Harrisville.

This is just one of the sixteen towels on this warp.

Can you say, "WOW!"

And this................
    is total concentration!!!!  (You go, Lanny!!!)

Carl finished another small tote today...he thinks there might be 2 or 3 left on the warp.

  Carol was in and out quickly today....she brought our carpet warp order from Great Northern and had to leave early.

  We send healing thoughts to Bonnie....we sure do miss seeing her!  Maybe she'll feel up to coming for lunch next Tuesday.

  And, we sure hope Nada gets to feeling better soon, too!!!!!

  Our own little world of weaving.....and being with those who love weaving!
Happy Weaving to you......


Bonnie said...

Darn! I missed seeing Maggie. Seeing Ann's baby blankets. Not to mention the linen warp being cut off. I hope to see you guys next week.

Tina J said...

Ann's baby blankets are superb!