Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here We Are Again

This week has flown past!!!!  Sometimes I feel just like the kitties....I'm watching the world go by!

They like it when I open the back door in the morning, while the air is still cool.  The chipmunks run back and forth eating the maple whirly-pods and checking under the bird feeder for sunflower seeds.  Zuzu and Sweetie Pye just keep an eye out for invading squirrels and crows, along with those amusing chipmunks.

I had an amazing time with my kids on Sunday...they took me to brunch, and we had a lovely stroll around Market Square and down Union Avenue.  My daughter got me this cute little cakelet pan.  It holds one Jiffy mix (or you could use it twice with a regular mix.)  What is a Jiffy mix????  It has just enough mix for a one layer cake....which is all I need at a time.  When I was younger, you could find them in all the stores.  Now, you have to really look for them!
  My son got me the Dance on Broadway for my Wii.  I have found that dancing is great therapy for my get so caught up in the routine that you just do the motion.  I have used my Just Dance a lot since I got it!  And, it's a lot of fun when the kids come to visit....they get just a wee bit competitive!

  Carl (from the Center) and I went to opening night of the Anne Wilson Local Industry Exhibit on Thursday at the Knoxville Museum of Art.  Half of the 75 foot cloth was on display, and they will slowly unroll it during the later days of the exhibit.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the exhibit since I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash of the camera.  Darn it!!!!!  But, I did get her to autograph a copy of the book about the whole experience.  I really thought I'd always be able to pick out the bands that I wove.....but, it's been a whole year now.....and although I can remember what I was thinking when I sat down to weave, I wasn't sure if I saw "MY" bands.  I'll have to go back through the pictures I took last year.

I'll leave you with a parting shot of my little buddy. 
  I've done a great job of keeping the pool cover pumped this year, and I only found one tadpole when we were working yesterday.
  But, it rained last night, and I know they'll be calling their friends tonight if I don't get the new water out of the cover.  Pool opening is next week....just in time for a cold front, of course.
  But, since it's raining again, I can get some weaving done.
  ......or maybe I'll just watch the cats watch the chipmunks.

Happy Weaving!


Roxie said...

What splendid photos of cats and frog. And oh, I envy your cakelet pan. Too cool for school!

Isn't it odd how you can not see your work for a few months and suddenly it looks so new and awesome that you hardly recognize it?

Tina J said...

I bet there is a handsome Prince hiding in there somewhere!
I think we need some bug cake at the center one of these days!

Bonnie said...

What wonderful gifts from the children. I think that Zuzu and Sweetie Pie have the right idea.