Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome Back!

Yeah!  All the way from New Mexico........
Marta got to spend the day with us, and of course, Carol put her to work!  Marta brought her little baby Inkle loom....it's just so cute you want to cuddle it!  She can actually put it in her carry on for the plane!

She also brought some biscochitos to snack on, and tortillas to fight over!  I'll be having quesadillas for dinner tonight!

And.......all the way from Italy........

Tina has returned to finish up the linen dishtowels!

And, a big TW WELCOME to..........
She quickly chose her two colors for her first warp, got it wound, and here you see Carol helping her get it wound on the loom.  We love getting new weavers started!

Yes.....there's a story here.
Last week when we did the quick isle clean up to make the fire inspector happy, we loaded up some stools that went to Pat's house to be stored for awhile.
Little did we know that Lanny can't weave without his stool.  It's part of his "system."
So....we improvised with a tub and the little 3-legged stool!
Hey!  Just so long as it works....right?

Ms. Trudy is starting to wind her bamboo shawl warp.  (You can tell we had a warm Spring day since the door is wide open!)

LaDonna and Ms. Ila brought their dyed warps to show....they've been SO busy at home! 

LaDonna is getting close to finishing up her shawl on the triangle loom and Ms. Ila was weaving away on her scarf warp.

I started a new scarf on my warp today, and got 16 inch of lace woven before I had to leave.  Carl wove about half of a tote bag today....he had to leave early.  Ms. Bonnie was busy on the big warping board, and Allan and Pat were kept busy with Center business.  We really missed seeing Bonnie today....I hope her foot is doing better!
    Oh my........never a dull moment.........but, plenty of happy moments!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Oh, what a busy day. Everything exciting happens when I am not there. Looks like everybody had fun. Doctor says my foot is not broken, but sprained. Humm. All I know is it is painful.

Tina J said...

I think I may only have 2 towels left on that back beam. Whew! Then they showed me at lunce 10 cones of a very fine linen that they said is my next warp! Maybe they are just kidding.

Maggie said...

What's all that stuff on the table by LaDonna and Ila?