Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

DH and I love to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We often go Thursday and Saturday mornings. The neat thing about them is that they don't mind if you split a meal. He gets his pancakes or grits and I get a biscuit and we split the eggs and bacon. Not a bad deal!
This morning he's off because of Memorial Day so we went over there. I think that the picture portrays Memorial Day so well!!

 We know these folks. They've become like family to us. They go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast every day. We look for them whenever we walk into the restaurant! We even saw them Saturday evening at Pizza Inn. I sit in front of them Sunday evenings when DH plays in the orchestra at church. They're wonderful people. They've been married since they were teenagers. She moved with him when he was assigned posts while in the military. They lived what we read about. They can tell you stories about their experiences.  I wish my Dad had met him. They could have compared stories. Very different stories, but life experiences just the same.

My friend Helen called the other day. She said that a friend she had taught to weave years ago was downsizing and she had a loom for weaving trim like they used to make to edge a bedspread that was done with candlewicking. Would I like it? Sure. So Friday we met at the lace guild meeting she filled my van with things she'd inherited.
I don't know anything about how to weave trim. Do any of you? She used this frame alot and cut off a piece of trim from her stash to attach to this frame so I could see how it worked. maybe!
 We weavers are such suckers for a new challenge! or a new loom!'s a disease, I know, but it's harmless and sure keeps us out of trouble, right?!

So what's new on the looms? I have this on my Nilus and am starting to weave it off. I love the color interactions with the black. The purple in the middle is just awesome. I've already got an idea for another combination that will have to wait til fall to weave but I'm going to add it to my list. This is the 3rd colorway of a progression I figured out a couple of years ago. I've already got a warp wound that will go on Nilus next. I hope to have this off by the end of the week and the next one on because I have an order for a top out of caribe that will go on after that. Placemats might have to wait a bit.
Speaking of placemats. I had planned to weave the set of 4 for the wedding we missed last weekend and maybe another set to have on hand before changing the weft from white to a different combination. Well, a couple of days ago we got another wedding invitation for July 2. Guess I'd better plan on weaving 16 white placemats on that natural warp before changing. I want to have a couple of sets on hand this time so I'm not caught short. The loom is scheduled to do some rugs in fall. All we need is more time to weave everything we want to weave!
DH is out on the deck pressure washing it so we can stain it later this week. Then he'll spend the rest of the day working out some music on his guitar. I'm planning to get some work done around here today and we're going to grill  some chicken maybe for tonight. We'll have to do it on the grill on the cooktop because we got rid of ours outside. It was nasty! Guess we'll go to Walmart and get another one for his Father's Day gift once the decks are ready.
We're staying in tonight! I don't cook often but tonight I will.
Hope your Memorial Day is turning out to be special for you. Family and friends and special people in your life is what it's all about!


Bonnie said...

I love that color combination. It will make a very pretty top or vest. What a lovely couple. I bet they do have some stories to tell.

LA said...

Breakfast wonderful!!! I bet they tell some wonderful stories! I've never seen a loom like that'll have to bring it so we can see the lace. Have fun grilling!

Tina J said...

You never said what kind the new loom is! You know we are a curious lot! LOL! Have a great Memorial Day!

Tina J said...

Duh! I see it now!