Friday, March 11, 2011

Results Color Fast Trial!

This week has largely been spent on the color trial.  I have had a two colors of 100% cotton carpet warp bleed all over the natural warp, they are Dubonnet and Smokey Blue.  I used these colors during the trial and added a nice dark Purple too.


1.  This is my results, under my conditions, please test any color you plan to use, before you do a project with it.

2.  I only used cold water in all washes.  I do not know how warm or hot water would effect the results.  That is for another trial.

3.  I always used a Color Catcher in every wash.  I was able to reuse the color catchers several times!

4.  Samples were removed from the washer as soon as it finished.  None were allowed to remain wet, but were immediatly placed in the dryer to tumble dry normal heat.

5.  Your regular laundry may pile up if you plan to do an extensive trial like I did. (27 loads)

I began the trial by weaving a strip of overshot in the 3 selected colors.  I serged them apart and then into 3 pieces each, to make up the three different wash groups.

Three things had been recommended to me to set colors in the reds and blues.  Synthropol, Salt and Vinegar.  I had also read recently that washing in just plain cold water for the first wash would work just as well.  Synthropol detergent proved very expensive to buy and ship, and I knew that it would give good results already so I chose not to use it.  The three wash groups then were:

Cold water only for the first wash
Salt during the first wash
Vinegar during the first wash

The Samples then were washed in cold water and Orvus paste.

Then I cut each Sample in half so that I could wash each of them in a regular detergent that I knew had given me problems before, with the blue.  I wanted to keep a control group.

(I have to admit that I had pre-concieved ideas about which one would work best, and I was proven so wrong!)

I took pictures along the way, but I will only show you the final results to save time.  So, without further ado,


Smokey Blue,

and Purple

To my amazement all of the suggested fixes worked!  I would sell anything that had this color intensity and definition.   Yipeeeeee!

I had a couple of blankets made, one in Parakeet and one in Copper.  I washed them each in cold water only.  I forgot the Color Catcher when I washed the Copper one and there is the slightest copper tinge to the natural, but the Parakeet showed no color transfer at all.

Encouraged by may results, I knitted up a dish cloth using the natural and Kentucky Red.

Here it is, I decided that if I knitted them up, I would have the looms free and,  I would have some dishcloths.

After cold water only wash!

The looms are lashed on and ready to go, I am on my way to weave an Overshot Couch Throw in Kentucky Red.  I plan to put on all my tags that I recommend using cold water Only to wash my textiles.   I am pumped!!!!!

Please reread the disclamers at the beginning of this post, I am not responsible for any damage to any project you may undertake!

I will be bringing the samples on Tuesday to show everyone my happy results.

Until next time, Happy Weaving with RED, Tina


LA said...

Yeah! Long live RED in cold water. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all the weavers out there who love red & blue!!!

Linda said...

I second what LA said! You have done us all a great service!

Maggie said...

Wow, it's a like a research paper for extra credit! Thanks for all the hard work and good documentation!