Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Gettin' It Done!

  How do you sum up such a terrific Tuesday???  As always, we had a lot going on.....but we got a lot of the little stuff out of the way in short order!

Tina downloaded and filled out the form for Foothills Craft Guild.  Pat and I proofed it and made changes where we thought necessary.  The deadline for the paperwork is looming!  (hehehe)

Another looming deadline is mug rugs for the Fiber Forum.  Ann brought in her finished stash and got them ready to go.  Nada provided encouragement.

Ms. Jane got to be with us today.  She went right back to work on her warp....weaving is good for you!!!

LaDonna was going to pack the Pup to go home.....sometimes you just need more than four hours to get that warp woven off!!!!  Ms. Joyce got her Pup folded up to put away.  Everything has to be cleared out for the Quilters who come on Thursday.

  Carl almost finished another Rag Bag today.  We tag team getting the handles woven in!  It's so much easier than doing it all by yourself!!!

  Ms. Ila picked up some of the smaller cones of thread to use on her mug rugs at home, and Bonnie is getting a lot done on her tote bag warp.  She'll be ready to throw the handles next week.

  Pat was in and out and all about today....just getting lots of little things done.  Ms. Trudy was back to work at her table loom, and I wove 16 inches on my scarf warp.  Ms. Bonnie wove on her warp, too.  You just gotta love all the "busy-ness" going on around here!

Happy Weaving to you in your corner of the globe!


Carol said...

Sounds like another great Tuesday! I'm looking forward to being back next week.......if I can get out of this frozen northland!! Rumors of blizzards, don't you know!! Summers here are much more fun.

Tina J said...

I think you caught it all Lou Ann!

Bonnie said...

Didn't we have just a wonderful day. I acutally got my loom fixed, with Tina's help. I think I might be able to get a bigger shed now. At least I hope so. That was something. It just stuck. I could not move the warp forward or backward. Took the brake system off and then released the warp and replaced the brake system. Well, it worked.
After 2 long island ice teas the day looks wonderful. Everybody, have a wonderful week.