Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Skeleton Crew

  We were few in number today, but we got a lot of little stuff done!!!  (Carol is in Canada, so a bunch of people played hooky!!!)  Tina, Pat and I finished making straw looms for the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival which is this weekend. ( I don't have a final count yet....I'll let you know when I blog on Saturday.)  Four straws, four lengths of yarn and you have a little "loom"!!!!  You'll notice the egg cartons on the table....Tina's hens are laying again!  Yeah!!!!   (Great eggs come from very happy hens, ya know!!!!)

  We cut mug rugs off of the table looms (the remaining warp can be used for Kids Kamp in June.)  Linda knotted the fringe on this set of rugs.  These are the mug rugs for the goody bags for the Southeast Fiber Festival in April.

  Charlotte was busy knotting the fringe on some of the mug rugs, too!  Trudy is taking home the little Structo Loom to clean up.  She and Ms. Bonnie discussed the best way to clean the reed and heddles.  Lanny (not pictured!) was the only one who made it to his loom this morning!  He wove until lunch, then he headed out. 

  We always have a lot of little stuff to get done, so today was a great day to do just that!  It will be back to the looms next week!

Have a great week of Weaving!!!!


Carol said...

Missed seeing you guys today! Glad you got the straw looms ready!! and the mug rugs. It's good to get things out of the way! It's warming up some here but still winter!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like lots of little things got done. Missed you guys. But I sure am enjoying the granddaughters. See you next week.

dawn said...

I'm a brand new weaver. (Actually, I married a man who's last name is Weaver 28 years ago)
A few weeks ago I bought an antique loom... that new a weaver. I'm reading your blog and you make me want to come and sit in the corner and soak up the ambiance. Oh, for some of that experience to soak in.


Anonymous said...

Those mug rugs are so pretty! LouAnn -I love mine! I'm glad I learned about the straw weaving. I know it's going to come in handy sooner or later at a kid-friendly event. Miss you all. ~Marta